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Above Average

Decent platformer with a few issues

posted by Hollow_Hominid (HARTSELLE, AL) Nov 14, 2014

Member since Nov 2014

The game is interesting, and the scenes are very bright and colorful. The levels are actually quite diverse for a 2D platformer, with new challenges and situations introduced quite often. The 'special levels' such as minecart and rocket levels as well as boss fights are awesome, and are one of the most fun parts of the game. This would all lead up to being an incredible game that rivals mario except for a few issues. _____ The first problem I find with almost anything you do in this game is how sluggish the character feels. All of the animations have an annoying wind-up that means that you have to perform the action a half second before you want the character to respond. This is especially frustrating in the 'speed levels' where something is chasing you or the stage is being destroyed in front of your eyes, and by the time the obstacle comes up to pass, its almost too late already, and you have to retry and remember when that event occurs in order to avoid it. _____ The second issue I have are the bonus levels. Every so often you find a secret room that lets you get an extra 'puzzle piece'. The problem is they are ALL almost exactly the same. In each of them, you have 30 seconds to collect all the bananas on the screen, and if you succeed, you get a puzzle piece, a balloon, and some coins. The first few were intresting, but then they started to repeat, and there are only (by estimate) around 10-15 bonus stages, with 1-2 appearing per level. Its gotten to where if I find a secret and its a bonus stage, I fail it quickly just to move on to something more interesting. ______ Lastly, the collectibles are more annoying than fun. Maybe I'm not a completionist, but searching for all the parts of the level that a puzzle piece can be hidden in is rather annoying, especially considering the parts that require you to get all the bananas in an area before it will pop up. Really I find searching for pieces to be a waste of time.

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posted by tyenyedy (WASHOUGAL, WA) Nov 10, 2014

Member since Nov 2014

Disk was scratched and wouldn't play

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posted by cumberbund (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Oct 25, 2014

Member since Sep 2014

It was fun. I had a blast. Great music and visuals. Fun boss battles.

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