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Donkey Kong Country Returns


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Retro Studios has done it again.

posted by SoulGamer (STAFFORD, TX) Nov 28, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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After the great Metroid Prime Trilogy created by Retro Studios, they tackle a 2-D Donkey Kong game and it's a blast!

Story: A group of new enemies called the Tiki Tribe is hypnotizing animals and using them to steal all of Donkey Kong bananas. The story is simple, plus this game isn't meant to focus on story but on gameplay.

Graphics: The graphic is okay. I was expecting graphics as good on metroid prime 3, but nope. Their are still some pretty good looking levels where everything is black while the sunset shines out the red tie and hat on the monkey.

Music: The music is great to listen to. Each music fit the level so well, and it brings back the old days to the original Donkey Kongs game.

Gameplay: The gameplay is outstanding. Mine cart levels are intense, Rambi is fun to use, and the motion controls makes it more interactive. For example, the motion controls are used to roll, ground bound, and make donkey kong blow wind to find secrets. Be warned though, the game is extremely hard, especially in the later worlds.

Extras: There is a ton of content in this game. In many levels, there are puzzle pieces in secret hidden areas that will unlock images in the gallery. Also, there are KONG letters in each level which will unlock a extra stage in the end which is by far the hardest level. There is time attack mode where you basically go through each level as fast as you can. And last, there's mirror mode where every single level is reverse.

Overall: I give this game a 9, its challenging and fun. If you want a hardcore 2-D plat former, than get this game.

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DKC is back!!!!!

posted by gateway (SPLENDORA, TX) Dec 19, 2010

Member since Apr 2005

5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I used to play Donkey Kong Country alot when i was very little on the snes.My dad and i used to play the heck out of it, so when i saw this game come out i was shocked. Dounkey Kong Country Returns is almost just like the old snes games with 3-d put into it.This game also features 2 player co-op where one plays as dk and one as diddy kong.This was a nice feature for my friends to come and play it. The difficulty is massive compared to recent nintendo games. You will not be dissipointed with the hardness like the old games. DKCR as alot of replay value with trying to collect all the KONG letters and puzzle pieces for 100%. Note kremlings are not included and are replayced with tikis, but it does not matter. Also the music is just as great as the snes games with some remixed tracks fom DKC 1.

So I highly recommend you buying this game and enjoy Donkey Kong Country all over again.

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A Classic

posted by jacksonran (SPRINGVILLE, IN) Dec 7, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

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If you loved the classics... you will love this one. It has more environmental challenges than the old one, but it keeps it exciting and more challenging. There are a few more add-ons. Not many though. You collect K.O.N.G and puzzle peices. One thing that is easier tho.... the amount of lives you get. It is only like 15 coins to buy 7 extra lives at crankys.

All around... worth buying if you loved the old ones

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