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Above Average

A Fun Nintendo Game

posted by Spider (KANSAS CITY, MO) Aug 31, 2007

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The only Nintendo game I've liked that wasn't portable was the Super Smash Bros. games. This is about Diddy and Dixie Kong fighting alongside each other. It's pretty fun and has a great co-op mode that my brother and I play quite a bit. It has a few mini games which are fun, but not so great. Finally, I give it 6 out of 10.

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Good if you've never played the original...

posted by dakaptin (TALLAHASSEE, FL) Mar 13, 2007

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This game is actually pretty decent. In fact, if I'd never played DKC2 for the SNES, I'd have no problems at all. Now for the sake of objectivity, I'll review this as though I've never played this before. But I'll get into my gripes later on.

Graphics: 7
Graphics are well designed. Sprites are clearly seen. Colors are good. But nothing really stands out, especially since all this has been seen on other games.

Sound: 6
Music is OK as well. I did have some problems with the audio being too loud, even after adjustment, but the music itself is par for an action platformer.

Gameplay: 6
Again, decent for a platformer. It did feel a little stiff at times, but overall, it was good.

Overall: 7/4
Alright! Gripin' time! Above you'll see two scores. The first is for your first foray in DKC2. If it's your first time, this game doesn't do much wrong, but it really doesn't accel in any way either. It's fun for a while, but I'd only recommend renting this, as you can only do everything once.
However, if you have played the original before, my apologies to you for being tricked into renting this. This is NOT DKC2. At all. First off, the controls are totally off. Not because of the ABLR control scheme, as you can get used to that. It's the change in mechanics. Everything that was good about the mechanics has been changed. The characters slide FAR too easily. Diddy has become a nuisance, since Dixie now climbs faster than Diddy, and she's able to kill stuff in front of her, even though she carries stuff ABOVE HER HEAD! The bosses are WAY too easy compared to the original, and stuff that used to be easy is now UBERLY hard. The new boss is easy and DUMB (unless you play with Diddy, of course) and the extras (Wrinkly's cameras, Funky's flight missions, Cranky's Expresso races, Klubba's Bug Chase) are all DUMB and IRRITATING. Anyway, if you've never played DKC2, it's good for a weekend, but if you've played it before, don't even bother renting.

3 of 5 (2 of 5)
7.5 of 10 (4 of 10)

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Donkey kong country 2

posted by crazynano (LA GRANGE, NC) Apr 25, 2008

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donkey kong country 2 is amazing I have donkey kong country for the snes and gba but neither was better than 2

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