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Don King Presents: Prizefighter


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You Either Love It Or Hate It

posted by BondsJuice (DAVENPORT, IA) Jun 13, 2008

Member since Aug 2006

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As a huge boxing fan Ive always played every boxing game going back to mike tyson punch out on Nintendo.. Knock out kings Fight night all of em Ive played them..

But nobody had ever quite gotten the REAL feel of boxing.. The closest had been Fight night round 3..

A great game great Gfx but horrible career mode and not really realistic with the parrys which left an opponent just standing there for 2 or three seconds while you wailed at his face..

Then along came Prize fighter!!!

I'll go into the negatives first..

The gfx are great better than fight night, but some times the punches look weird after being thrown, the collision detection is also sometimes suspect, and over all its not a PERFECT game (8 over all) online is weak , no lobbys, rankings or belts.. pretty bare bones

With that being said if your a REAL boxing fan not just a Mike Tyson fan, not just a HUGE pay per view fight fan, if your really a fan then ur really going to love this game..

No one has ever come so close as to get the real feel of boxing before in pace and tone

you cant throw punches non stop since the stamina plays a huge factor after 2-4 punches your stamina is gone meaning you have to back up and regroup like real boxing..

sometimes even when u block punches get through ur guard like real boxing..

you cant throw super fast combos with out landing some punches like real boxing..

You can side step throw lunging punches, clinch, stick and move all with the real feel of a boxing match..

if the crosses didnt look so weak some times you would swear this was a real boxing match not a video game.. (2k's speacialty)

it does take some getting used to especially if ur used to playing fight night, since sometimes u have to wait for punches to come out before throwing the next one so to some it feels like the controls arent responsive, but I think thats by design and a feature like this game that you will either love or hate.

GFX- 8.5

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ITs A good Game

posted by Capone (CLEVELAND, OH) Jun 11, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

14 out of 20 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

Don King Presents Prizefighter is equal parts sports simulation and true boxing drama that takes place both inside and outside the ring. The action within the squared-circle accurately mimics the sport’s tactics and hard knocks by allowing players to create angles and openings using a full arsenal of true 3D motion captured movement and punch mechanics found only in the real world sport… until now.

Outside the ring, the drama continues as the player is faced with temptations inherent in any professional athletes’ life, where they must balance these trappings of notoriety with the hardship of training in order to find the road to glory. As the player progresses through their career, a live-action documentary tells their story, warts and all -- never before seen in any video game.

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Good Game

posted by MpStalkei2 (ANTLERS, OK) Jun 16, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

9 out of 13 gamers (69%) found this review helpful

I haven't played this game much. Controls are different yes and at first not much fun getting use to them.

Funny how so many people write, I played the the game 10 minutes then sent it back. No one can get used to controls to any game that fast. If your like me you switched from COD4 to this then you got a lot to switch back to. It's a bit slower game. How many boxers you see go in right away trying to knock the other out in first 10 minutes of the match?

Games are becoming more realistic and intense. Not some Fantasy where gamers can just throw punches all day and not worry about their stamina in their fingers running low.

If you have patience for a good game this one is for you. If not go buy or play Halo 3 where stamina never runs low and you can get hit hundreds of times without dying.

Sad how good games get low ratings because of our generation of gamers, they'd die if they ever played Dungeons and Dragons from our Nintendo days.

Gamertag - MpStalkei2

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