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Don King Boxing

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Don King Boxing: It's a Split Decision

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Apr 17, 2009

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Let's get redy to Grumble ... to Mumble... to - oh forget it.
Don King Boxing takes the controls from the Boxing part of WiiSports and adds a few moves to the mix: the uppercut and the hook.
You can either play against a human opponent, go up against the AI in single match mode or go through the story. Or you can do some Training.
In Story Mode, you play as a boxer named "The Kid". You have to fight your way up the ladder to become a heavyweight champ.
The controls are sort of skiddish - the jabs and straight punches work fine, but the hooks don't always work and the uppercuts are the worst of the bunch. Sometimes I got a jab when I wanted an uppercut.
And the training doesn't add anything to the mix. It doesn't matter if I'm punching a highlighted heavy bad or doing a sequences of punches with my coach or (worst of the bunch) punching a speed bag, I never got the feel for the uppercut.
And moving around the ring was tough and sluggish. Going on the offensive was tougher than it should be.
Fighting against the AI was fun - for a guessing game. The game didn't get into any strategy or showed me where the holes in the opponent's defense were. It was more of a case of me throwing a punch and hoping that punch will land.
After each fight in Story Mode, I got more of the story via interviews of the characters involved. This part looked great and felt like a real documentary. It's too bad I didn't know most of those people being interviewed.
Still, I say Don King Boxing is a better boxing game than the one in WiiSports, and it's fun to beat up a player's boxer. Just don't expect the same joy when taking on the AI. RENT IT.

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posted by nezashak (PORT BARRE, LA) Apr 14, 2009

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Veary easy to beat. I've beat it in three hours. But what upsets me the most is you can't create your own fighter and you can't fight in a on-line circuit but sorry no wi-fi connection. Bottomline Do Not Buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good Graphics, Lame Control

posted by JDigitty (BLYTHE, CA) Apr 21, 2009

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This game is "OK". The graphics are good and it has the exclusive license for dozens of Boxing Legends. The cenemas are actual video's and this make it entertaining.

My problem was the lag in control. When you first begin the game you have limited selections to choose aa boxer. The higher the stats the better the boxer, this is ok if you own the game or want to spend weeks completeing the game.

I would like to have a boxing game, or a game in general, that uses the players ability to the fullest. So, the faster I punch - the faster the game punches; the faster I swing, the faster the game swings, the quicker I slice, the faster the game slices. Wii developers tend to make games for babies or handicaped players.

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