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Dokapon Kingdom

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Definitely fun!

posted by wuvuvu (AVA, MO) Jan 3, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

The Bad:
Computers are quite annoying. If they beat you once it's "Ha ha in your face!" Seriously, the computers comment. In the beginning, they're in last place: they whine and complain as though its the end of the world. It's like playing with a human that is both a sore winner and loser.

The Good:
You aren't limited to three basic classes. As you master classes you gain more. You are guaranteed one new class for mastering any one of the first three you're given. If you want more options: master more classes.

Story mode is dragged out depending upon how you play. You can play to help your stats, which could pay off in the long run, or you can just go after reclaiming as many towns as you can. Just remember: being in last place for awhile doesn't mean you've lost the game for good. I was in last place for quite some time in a game with my fiancee and sibling and suddenly the positions are flip flopped, I am now leading the game.
The other modes are alright but I think I prefer story mode over them.

Character customization is interesting. You get a choice of around eight colors to be. Male or female. Now where it matters: the characters face. Each face carries a different personality. It's not just looks you play with it's also the way they react when winning and leveling.

The game is also revolving around the game "Rock, paper, scissors." So occasionally it gets a little tricky facing human players. While they attack monsters one way, they'll treat you like something totally different...which in this case you are, aren't you? Do your best to predict what you're opponent will do.

This game is best played with human players. Computers are just annoying. So if you're a lone kid or live alone I advise inviting a couple of friends over to play with you.

Overall we really enjoy the game. It does take some thinking sometimes, to insure your survival. We all agree and advise playing casually, for fun, especially if you hate losing.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Entertaining as a multiplayer

posted by jdsampson (APACHE JUNCTION, AZ) Jan 2, 2009

Top Reviewer

Member since Sep 2007

At first when we started playing the game we didn't really know what was going on because of very little tutorial but after plugging on for a little while we started to understand what was going on better. There is a lot of depth to the game and much more strategy to it then you will originaly think when starting. There are a lot of quest that you will be sent on and is a game that you can play for a little bit every time you get together with your friends. It's hard to explain the game. It is basicly a board game mixed with an RPG. You level up and do job changes to advance your character. But you roll the dice and move around to different spaces and depending on the space you land on different things will happen.

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Best multyplayer ive ever played

posted by gamerman11 (MAPLE GROVE, MN) Nov 8, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

This is a must rent if you like RPGs or game board games. As long as you've liked one of your RPG games you'll like this one. It is good if you have someone you don't like and invite him/her and beat him/her she/he will be mad because when you win you usually really win. P.S. if you have a bat on top of your head go to the dark void and you'll be temporarily invincible (basically).That will help you win BIG TIME I hope this will make you want to rent this game or help you if you already have it.

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