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Dokapon Kingdom

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Competitive chaos with no hope

posted by palumatzu (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Jan 18, 2013

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When I played this, I felt like I was playing Mario Party a lot. You go around, fighting monsters in control of towns. When you defeat a given monster in control of that town, the town starts producing tax for you, which you have to collect, either by landing on that town, or by landing on certain game board spots. The rub comes in the multiplayer aspect. Alone? Then get the exceedingly broken AI to play with you. Either way, the base premise is you go around, grinding for levels and money, trying to keep your combat levels ahead of your opponents. Whoever has a superior combat level is destined to win out-- Having more money does not mean you have an advantage, it just means your standing in first place. Sound confusing? Then try racking up over a million gold coins, only to have your opponent come and beat you into coughing it all up. And then there's the towns--oh, the towns. Beating the monsters in control of them makes you the governor, and makes that town's worth go to your final score, which in the end determines who wins the game. After all this, there's luck. Sometimes, even the strongest player can fall to last place with a little bad luck. I did not like this game, and if you don't like fighting to cheap-shot your opponent with out receiving cheap shots in turn, then neither will you.

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Above Average

Neat game, but not very fun

posted by MichaelO (PITTSBURGH, PA) Jun 14, 2012

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As usual, Atlus has delivered a unique game which doesn't fall into the usual genres. The best summary I can give is that Dokapon Kingdom is like the board game Life if it were an RPG. On the one hand you have a class, level, stats, equipment, etc., but on the other hand you move around on a board and land on spaces which give you random battles, new items, gold, and so on. Your goal is to end the game with more stuff ("Life points") than any other character.

Unfortunately, this game is undone by all of the details. There is too much randomness and chaos in the game, the battle system is not fair or well-balanced, and the game is extremely confusing and somewhat aimless when you are getting started. The rock/paper/scissors style battles are not a suitable battle system for an RPG, the random chance of who acts first in a battle or what numbers you roll can make a huge difference in the game, and good luck figuring out any of the game's details and nuances without using an online guide of some kind. I really wanted to like this game, but instead I found it frustrating, confusing, and unpredictable.

In addition, it's worth noting that the game is much more fun with more than one player. The one player game is simply the multi-player game with AIs controlling the other player(s). At least if you are playing with other humans, you can enjoy the ups and downs, enjoy harassing and pranking your friend's character, and maybe even enjoy when you are undone by a frustrating bit of random chance. Against an AI, none of these things are very fun, and the game falls especially flat.

If you've got 1-3 RPG lovers who'll dedicate some time playing with you, if you really love board games, or if you love to see something unique and different, this might be worth a rent, but otherwise I'd skip it.

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Excellent and fun!

posted by Access (IONIA, MI) Feb 26, 2012

Member since Sep 2008

This isn't my favorite game, but it's deffinatley top 20.

It's a cute game to play with younger family members (or to let them play alone).

It's sort of like a Turn-Based RPG (similar to Heroes of Might & Magic etc.) where each player takes turns moving. You can also equip items along the way which will help protect your character and also do more damage, etc. It lets you choose from 3 different classes (jobs) which offer different levels of fun, although the Thief class is my favorite since you steal items from other players as you pass them on the board.

The game allows for some really fun PvP combat in which you have the options of taking things from the loser, renaming their character (LOL can be funny!), or even changing their appearance!

The only draw back I would say is that there are certain instances where you have to land on a specific location in order to actually use it (entrance to a cave, etc.), which can be very annoying.

I would say more but playing the game and finding out all of the hidden extras is 1/2 the fun!

Definitely worth renting, and buying if you want to learn RPG games (simple interface) or have young ones that like playing board games (very similar to Mario Party 8, Pac-Man Party, etc.).

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