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Dokapon Kingdom

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To bad

posted by Kenross (HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA) Oct 21, 2008

Member since Jan 2005

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Game is predestined.
Computer cheats
The game seems against you.

It had the makings of a very good game. At first glance luck determines everything but as you play you will find ways to move exactly as far as you need. It looks like a solid game but has some strange coincidences and outright cheating computer tactics.

Do not Ever play with a computer. Me and my friend were playing and trying to work cooperatively and were about 10 levels ahead of the comp. Then by one fight the comp gained 10 levels... I think this ruined the game. Even though a player can jump in the computers shoes and he will not be left behind it still feels like being stabbed in the back by the game creator.

Other such occasions like not getting the exact number you need to go to a destination or a sudden "miss" when attacking seem to tip odds in the comps favor.

Like i said before this game seems luck and skill based. It is not. You would like the believe that you got that great item because you pushed A at the right time, but it is kind of rigged. If you save the game and play some then load game. The exact same thing will happen, same roll, same loot, same cards, it is uncanny. The game seems predestined.

Once i moved to a square and got the bad guy who takes half your money (at least) then we loaded game because we thought that was a bit unfair. after loading i went to another space of the same type, the same thing happened. In other words you can not dodge fate if you do not have items. I used a crystal to go to a space to get an item and dodged the bad guy. Anyway i have droned on long enough.

Again i really wanted this game to be great but it just missed. By adding chance to all things or maybe skill by when you push A it begins to stop. Just some kind of player involvement would have made this game really good. The fact that its predestined takes all the fun out. To bad.

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posted by Talon787 (HAMILTON, AL) Mar 4, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

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This game had the potential to be great but it really bombed. You cant play alone you have to have 2 player even if one is a comp. you can take control of the comp. and play 2 characters but it was to long that way.

I have a 8yr daughter and she and I were playing this the first night this was her first console game so I was up like 6lv's and had the best gear you could on the first stage of the board game she lands on my space and duels me and kills me with one hit lol

See the first person to att. is random all chance.

I did not care for this game and I really wanted to I gave the game about a 2 day chance but felt like the game was going no wear.

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Wrong Game

posted by Geordanpetrotta (IDABEL, OK) Mar 30, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

You sent me tales of graces f not dokapon kingdom.But it shows that you sent it to me,im really help me out about that.please?

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