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Dokapon Kingdom

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Dokapon Delivers!

posted by ThaSquare (ROSEVILLE, CA) Nov 1, 2008

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Dokapon Kingdom is an extremely unique type of game; it’s part board game, part RPG. The main goal in the game is to retake as much of the gold stolen by monsters as possible. By making your way around the map, fighting off the evil creatures that roam about, you’ll be on your way to achieving this task. At the same time, you’ll be gaining experience in the job you’ve chosen. Master this and be rewarded with a new role to play with its own set of abilities and power ups. Use items and spells to detour your friends’ progress and gain the advantage.

There are plenty of ways to become worth your weight. You’ll fetch a lofty sum by freeing individual towns of their loitering leviathan. Kill the beasts that inhabit the cities and you’ll be voted into office posthaste. You can then collect taxes from its citizens and invest in the city itself to reap even more dough. Once the town reaches level three, it will begin producing valuable items which you can send to the king to win his favor. You can also fight other players to jack their stash, rob stores to put a few bills in your bank account, and kiss some serious butt to gain a the king's favor.

There are also quite a staggering number of classes to choose as you embark upon your quest. 24 roles await your unlocking and each carries with it new abilities and perks. You first start the game with only three jobs (or classes, if you will) - Magician, Thief, and Warrior. By mastering these, you'll unearth more jobs to choose from.

Even without online, Dokapon Kingdom is a very fun experience. When it's played with friends, it only gets better. There is a ton of stuff to do and see in this sleeper hit. I've spent over 15 hours in the game already and I don't think I'm anywhere near the end of this game. There are dozens of towns to recapture, spells to cast, items to use, hidden paths to find, missions to accomplish, and jobs to master. This is the type of game we need to see more of.


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I rarely use the word perfect...

posted by Vignirsson (SANTA CRUZ, CA) Oct 18, 2008

Member since Nov 2005

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But this is as close as it gets if you are looking for an RPG/Board game and an excuse to use your Wii again. Even though this might slip under some people's radar, you should do yourself a favor and get your hands on this right away.

The game play is simple enough, it is a board game that uses RPG elements to drive it. You pick from three classes (Warrior, Mage and Thief) and move along the board via a spinner.

The best part of this game is the ability to really screw over your friends. This is a great little party game, though it isn't in the vein of Mario Party or any other repetitive party game out there. This is more for getting the friends together before an event or just to get together to play this game.

Battles are pretty straight forward, four options from the offensive and defensive stand point, you pick an option and hope the other doesn't do something that counters it. Battles can take one turn or if they are stubborn, maybe a few turns.

You can capture towns and use them to generate revenue for your coffers. You can use the revenue to improve your towns so you can get more money and you can see where this spiral keeps going.

Graphics are decent, this game was released for the PS2 originally so they are on par with that level. Don't expect mind blowing graphics or detailed voice overs.

The only minor flaw is playing the story mode against the computer opponent. It will really feel like it is getting a leg up on you often because... it really is! You must play this game with friends to get the full benefit!

All in all, this is one of those little gems for the Wii that no one will notice, much like other games like Zack & Wiki. A fun game all around and very time consuming. You will find yourself constantly saying "one more turn" more often than not!

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A "Kingdom" made for more than one player

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 21, 2008

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They took Mario Party and Final Fantasy, tossed them into a blender, hit the "liquefy" button and viola, they got Dokapon Kingdom.
In this game, you go about a Mario Party type board, beating up monsters, saving towns from more monsters and keeping a lid on your opponent(s).
Almost every space has you fight off monsters of many types in the same way as in Final Fantasy; you take turns being the attacker or defender. You select your attack/defense using the Control Pad, and watch what happens. First one to lose all HP, or forfeits the match loses.
Other spaces are stores where you buy/trade items, towns where you can stay the night, management spaces where you manage the money in any towns you have under you control, and the castle where you can change your job or appearance.
The game is over when all the towns have been saved and several main tasks have been performed. Here, the game declares a winner.
But don't expect that anytime soon; games can go on for hours as you build your character up to fighting fit form.
Also, the board is divided up into sections, some with easy monsters and some with hard monsters. It's not easy to determine which is which. Go off on a wrong path, and your hero will get killed. The AI doesn't have this problem and can get off to a unfair start.
The game can get unbalanced very easily. If you get behind, it's real tough to make up ground; the other players can beat you into the ground and any towns you want to save are guarded by monsters that will beat you into the ground.
The biggest strength/weakness is that this game should be played multiplayer only. Get a few friends and you'll have a great time with Dokapon Kingdom. It's no fun going at it solo.
Rent Dokapon Kingdom and give it a try - with a few pals.

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