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Dokapon Kingdom

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Also on:PS2
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GF Rating


Not fun

posted by titusdeuce (FRESNO, CA) Feb 13, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

The game is not fun... I could not play for more than 5 mins. Unless you have absolutely no other games to buy/rent out there--- wait, even then I wouldn't get this game. I can't describe what a waste of time it was to use a rental on this game. I just can't even begin to describe how bad this game is...

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Competitive chaos with no hope

posted by palumatzu (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Jan 18, 2013

Member since Feb 2011

When I played this, I felt like I was playing Mario Party a lot. You go around, fighting monsters in control of towns. When you defeat a given monster in control of that town, the town starts producing tax for you, which you have to collect, either by landing on that town, or by landing on certain game board spots. The rub comes in the multiplayer aspect. Alone? Then get the exceedingly broken AI to play with you. Either way, the base premise is you go around, grinding for levels and money, trying to keep your combat levels ahead of your opponents. Whoever has a superior combat level is destined to win out-- Having more money does not mean you have an advantage, it just means your standing in first place. Sound confusing? Then try racking up over a million gold coins, only to have your opponent come and beat you into coughing it all up. And then there's the towns--oh, the towns. Beating the monsters in control of them makes you the governor, and makes that town's worth go to your final score, which in the end determines who wins the game. After all this, there's luck. Sometimes, even the strongest player can fall to last place with a little bad luck. I did not like this game, and if you don't like fighting to cheap-shot your opponent with out receiving cheap shots in turn, then neither will you.

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Fun... until you hit you start losing.

posted by penguinpaladin (FAIRBORN, OH) May 16, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

Dokapon Kingdom is a party game combining classic rpg elements with a board game element. You jump right in and start playing. And then the 'fun' starts. I tried to start as a magician, but I got my butt kicked everytime I fought a monster. You have to buy the ablities, so a magician is absolutely useless as a starting job. When I started as a thief, I was able to get past the basics, but then discovered you can win any battle if you choose 'strike' on your attack turn. It can be countered with 'counter' but enemies rarely use it. I still forged on, and then my rage reached its apex; one of the cpu went onto a Dark Space. In one swoop he stole my castles, my items and all my towns, and when I went to the Dark Space, it wouldn't let me use it! And you have to spin the exact number to land on a certain space, so you're circling the board for weeks (game time, not real time) just to get somewhere. So in short, lousy battle system, lousy move system, just plain lousy game.

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