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Dokapon Kingdom

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posted by DudeLove (CEDAR CITY, UT) Sep 14, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

If you are looking for an rpg multi player, this is the closest, and best you will get. Everyone in my dorm is addicted to this game constantly wanting to come over and play. Not one person has hated it yet. So many twists that happen, and the best part of this game is it evens it out. If one person gets uncontrollably ahead of everyone else, the game sticks in stuff to balance it out, one month, somebody could be first, the next month another person will be first, I love that. You will never get sick of this game, I wouldn't even rent it, I'd buy it on ebay. I'm returning this from gamefly and buying me a copy as we speak.

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Best multyplayer ive ever played

posted by gamerman11 (MAPLE GROVE, MN) Nov 8, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

This is a must rent if you like RPGs or game board games. As long as you've liked one of your RPG games you'll like this one. It is good if you have someone you don't like and invite him/her and beat him/her she/he will be mad because when you win you usually really win. P.S. if you have a bat on top of your head go to the dark void and you'll be temporarily invincible (basically).That will help you win BIG TIME I hope this will make you want to rent this game or help you if you already have it.

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Excellent and fun!

posted by Access (IONIA, MI) Feb 26, 2012

Member since Sep 2008

This isn't my favorite game, but it's deffinatley top 20.

It's a cute game to play with younger family members (or to let them play alone).

It's sort of like a Turn-Based RPG (similar to Heroes of Might & Magic etc.) where each player takes turns moving. You can also equip items along the way which will help protect your character and also do more damage, etc. It lets you choose from 3 different classes (jobs) which offer different levels of fun, although the Thief class is my favorite since you steal items from other players as you pass them on the board.

The game allows for some really fun PvP combat in which you have the options of taking things from the loser, renaming their character (LOL can be funny!), or even changing their appearance!

The only draw back I would say is that there are certain instances where you have to land on a specific location in order to actually use it (entrance to a cave, etc.), which can be very annoying.

I would say more but playing the game and finding out all of the hidden extras is 1/2 the fun!

Definitely worth renting, and buying if you want to learn RPG games (simple interface) or have young ones that like playing board games (very similar to Mario Party 8, Pac-Man Party, etc.).

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