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posted by Kelsaurus (BRANDON, FL) Nov 23, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

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Dokapon kingdom is a board game/RPG offering multiple class choices, a very minor story and up to 4 players (if you have a multi-tap)

With some friends the game can be ridiculously fun AND long depending on the mode you choose. If you go through story mode you'll find yourself playing through 8 chapters of the game. 8 Chapters may not sound like a lot, but for a board game it is IMMENSE. 20-30 hours per game of story mode. The game divides the sections by weeks and tallying up the scores at the end of each week, so you can see who you need to take down to get to the top. The game even allows you to attack your friends take their weapons, items or towns. (I'll explain later) Luckly there's alternate modes to quicken the game or start everyone at a higher level (yes you gain levels)

This is where the RPG aspect comes in. At the start of the game you choose your class from Warrior, Thief, or Mage. As you level up the class you unlock more classes. Not only do you level up your classes but you level up your character as well. Allowing you to put points into multiple stats, as you master more classes it'll give you free points for specific stats after every level up. Balancing your points is part of the strategy. If you play as warrior you'll get free points towards your strength, and health. So you can ignore those while putting points in other stats like agility or magic. (I hope that makes sense)

The reason for all this leveling is to take down the monsters attacking the towns. Once you defeat the monster at said town the town becomes yours and adds to your over-all score to win the game. You also get weapons, armor and accessories. You can only carry one of each as well as multiple magics and items. So choose carefully.

With all that said the game is really fun with friends, it loses it's charm if you play by yourself and is specifically made for 4 players (even if 3 are computer controlled)

Rent the game, check in out. It's fun and what's to lose?

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Why do I love it so much?

posted by Pikopiko (OKLAHOMA CITY, OK) Apr 9, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

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Dokapon Kingdom has left me with a weird conflict of emotions. When I would play with any computer controlled characters, I'd swear they were cheating. When I would play with friends, one of us would always get ahead of the others, resulting in everyone else hoping for his misfortune. And yet, I think back on the game fondly. We had a good time. One of my friends even bought himself a copy. It plays like a board game, the style is amusing, and no two games play out the same. The only gripes I can even come up with are that a lot of fights are won or lost entirely at random and that it's kinda hard to catch up when one player gets ahead. But seriously, don't use computer controlled characters. They always win.

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What fun!

posted by BoAGirrl (CLEVELAND, OH) Dec 23, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

I really like this game. It's a ton of fun. It's like a board game but with so many more layers. And what's great is you can always save and finish the game later.

Story mode can take forever but that's why you save it for a later date. It's fun to challenge other players and you can really have fun with it.. changing their name to Poopyhead or some such thing.

All in all it's a fun game. I'd reccommend it.

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