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Very Good

Fun over stats

posted by thetruth12 (MARSHFIELD, WI) Feb 27, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

Looking at Divinity from afar you would not be too overly impressed, heck I even made some of my friends watch as I rotated the camera to show them the choppiest "look around" feature in the history of open world rpgs. However, after you take some time to get into the game, any fan of "walking around" games (as my wife calls them) will be pleasantly surprised at the actual quality of this game. If you like questing and looting, there is a lot to be enjoyed in this game, despite the lack of apparent horsepower under the hood. The graphics may not be the best, and the difficulty can be a little uneven, but the gameplay is a ton of fun, which is the most important thing. I had a great time with this game and I think anyone willing to ignore the crushing "expert" reviews and spend some time with this game will not regret it. Oh yeah, and turning into a dragon is A-Some!!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Divinity II

posted by MrGoobs (AUGUSTA, MI) Feb 25, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

This was a great game hours and hours of play time and very impressive game play. But at times this game was a pain in the butt because it froze alot this should have been a two disc game there was just way to much info for one disc. Really that was the only complaint I had about this game, other then that I got traped into the game and could not stop playing until I was done.

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GF Rating


Decent RPG with some major flaws

posted by darren004 (CHARLOTTE, NC) Jan 25, 2010

Member since Nov 2008

While right off the bat, I do have to say I kind of liked the game, I agree with some of the other reviews in that there are some major, major flaws with it. That being said, some of these reviews are sort of harsh and fans of RPG games will likely enjoy this, flaws nonwithstanding.


Interesting storyline, and varied character developement. You can start as a mage, ranger or warrior. The game is pretty hard in the beginning and you will certainly need ranged attacks in the beginning.

Dragon - Most of the second half of the game, you will get to fly around as a dragon. Pretty cool.

Items - There are tons, and tons and tons of items, potions, spells, and weapons throughout the game. You will likely not need to worry about potions.

Graphics - Not stunning, but pretty good, with some minor issues when running and jumping.


Save system - Most of the time, once you die, you will likely need to exit the game back to the dashboard and restart the game and load it. Half the time the game crashes when you reload, and half the other times, it will bring you back to a location where you saved two or three saves ago. So, when you die, just quit the game and restart - very annoying.

Bizarre difficulty settings - The game start off very hard, I had to run for my life half the time in the beginning and used potions a lot. It is best to find every possible side mission to level up, otherwise, you will have some issues. But the last third of the game, once I had done pretty much every mission, I turned basically into God and almost never lost even 10% if my hitpoints, and just annihilated everything in my path. Then, the final battle destroyed me. Had to load like 20 times. Very odd.

Ending - Certainly the worst ending of a game I have ever had.

So, while the game was fun, it ended on a very sour note. Not for everyone, but RPG fans will likely enjoy it.

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