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Janky Port of a Solid PC RPG

posted by Poseidon76 (WEAVERVILLE, NC) Jan 3, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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I love Western-style RPGs; I loved Morrowind and Oblivion, and most recently I've played through Demon's Souls and Dragon Age:Origins. I also enjoyed some of these European made RPGs, like The Witcher and Sacred 2, so I wanted to give this a shot.

But like Two Worlds, this game is weak port of a vastly superior PC version of the game. The framerate probably hovers in the 15-20 FPS range (at best), the graphics are pretty poor, and worst of all, the character animations are abysmal. I also had some odd trouble with the save system; sometimes the save would not load until I dropped back to the dashboard and then rebooted the game. Even stranger was an issue where when I'd load a save my character stats/progress would be correct, but my character's position in the world would be from a previous save. Really weird.

The final straw that made me stop playing after 4 or 5 hours was the difficulty. This game is frustrating and sometimes unfairly difficult unless you grind. Now keep in mind I have played Demon's Souls to completion. But playing as a level 10 character I would routinely get swarmed and destroyed by level 11 enemies. Early in the game potions are relatively expensive and hard to come by. Often you'll also get locked into a room or temple with beasties much stronger than you - if you haven't been keeping multiple saves, you're outta luck. Demon's Souls was difficult in a tactical sense - this game, even when set on Easy, is difficult because you can easily get swarmed and beat to death by enemies that do too much damage. If you want a leisurely RPG experience where you explore and plow through enemies, look away. Prepare to grind and do every side quest to level up properly and succeed.

I did enjoy the humorous writing and the voice acting is pretty solid. The story seemed decent as far as RPGs go. If you need a weird German PC-to-360 port RPG, I'd recommend Sacred 2 - it translates much better.

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well not much good to be said.

posted by Zeldaion (CELINA, OH) Jan 13, 2010

Member since Apr 2009

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

The games flaws outweigh the good points by the dozens apart from the horrible graphics awful saving system and difficulty for anyone not playing as a mage with fireball and magic blast.the boss fights are insane you are often one shotted by most of them.overall 4/10 and that being generous

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Only 5.1?

posted by BlakePayne (ROGERS CITY, MI) Apr 5, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

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I would like to say that some of the problems i encountered could have been my box or the disk itselfs fault, you may not have these problems.
I was hesitant to put this particular game on my Q because of the low rating. I found that this game did have many problems such as loading the game after getting my rear end handed to me after getting pwned by one of the more difficult enemies. Most of the problems i had with this game are mostly tied to loading. Sometimes i would load the game and it would show me my death and freeze. Other times i would be locked out of important quest areas. Still other times i would load successfully, but the game would put me in some ridiculous place far,far away from where i had saved it.
There was a solution to this thankfully. Loading a different save file or the autosave and then loading the file you want bypassed the warping or getting me locked out of rooms i was in. The other solution was to restart from the dashboard
another thing that i disliked was monsters did not re-spawn at higher levels. Once an area is cleared monsters won't repopulate, which i thought made the game a little dull running around with no monsters to kill until you find a new area, then the glorious bloodshed can begin again!!
I really enjoyed the game because it had some unique qualities. you can shortcut the four actions you use the most (normal attack/potion/magic skill/ranged skill for example)
I think this game is challenging enough yet simple enough. Unless you have less than ample adaptability or intelligence you might not be able to appreciate this game, as doing stupid things would really mess you up, like failing quests or something similar.

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