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Very Good

i liked it very much!

posted by airintc (TRAVERSE CITY, MI) Jul 6, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

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the game is pretty good itself. there wasnt a bunch of custimazation choices and i think to many can be a little crazy (oblivion). there were a few flaws in the game the graphics were very well done but the directions some in game people told you were way off and right before you get to a place you want to go a random person jumps out of no where and you go through a massive semi story line thing. but overall i liked the game a lot. definently a game to rent you like rpg games oh and its 3rd person.

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The difficulty of this game is exaggerated

posted by Ax3man (STATEN ISLAND, NY) Jan 8, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

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Let’s just say the difficulty of this game is overly exaggerated. It is not as hard as risen and surely not even close to demons souls.

The game is great story wise. However, the ending might not be appealing to everyone.

Skill tree is fantastic; you can add points to any skill no matter what is your class, which gives you opportunity to create flexible character.

Exploration is great. There are hundreds of places to explore. It is also rewarding. Just an ordinary crate can have the best armor or weapon in the game.

Flying in dragon form is fun. This is probably the only thing that works well in the game.

The character design is non-existing.

The graphics are not appealing at all. Actually, it’s pretty horrible.

The mechanics of the game are broken. It is impossible to lock on to the target no matter how hard you try. Not to mention that it would never lock on the target you want.

Saving system is also broken. DO NOT OVERWRITE SAVES! This corrupts saves. Rather, save new and delete the previous one.

I can give some tips if you have trouble with the game.
-play this game as mage; it is easier to kill enemies from the distance.
-focus only on few skills. Fireball works great. Add points to destruction. Get "summon the undead" skill. Later on you can summon the undead (or demon) and your creature to fight by your side at the same time.
-maximize lock picking.
-always have a bow and a melee weapon available.
-when you complete the quest, don’t take the money, rather take experience points. I found money useless. I never used any potions (only in the last boss fight), neither I bought any weapons or armor. Everything you can find in the crates or as quest reward.
-read the minds of every single boss, it often gives you extra skill point.
-don’t take any books unless it is skill point book or quest item.

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I dont know what You all are talking bout...

posted by Kleinsky86 (NEVADA, IA) Jan 24, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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Okay. I read all of the reviews of this game and decided to give it a whirl anyways. I'm glad I did. This game is amazing. I have not finished the game as of yet, but I have logged 10 hours into it already.

I see nothing really wrong with it. The graphics are amazing. The gameplay is great. The weapons and armors are plentiful. Quests and sidejobs are interesting. The best feature of the game I think, is the ability to not just chose one preset skill slot. (Like Dragon Age and many other games of this type).

You have the choice to be a flame throwing duel wielding ranger with pick-pocket skills and the ability to use offensive and defensive spells. It is amazing.

I also saw that people are saying its way too hard and unrealistic in difficulty. Well, you dont know strategy do you? I went with a ranger to get the bow right away. I pick off my foes from a distance and run if they are too high level. Shoot and run...shoot and run. Not a big deal. If you've got a mob of 5 skeletons the smart thing would be to try to pick off a couple before you just bum rush the entire group of 5. Which is what I think these people were doing.

So if you are reading the other reviews and are not it. It is worth it.

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