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Diva Girls: Divas on Ice


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GF Rating


Fails to land the triple axel

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jun 28, 2009

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It's Bratz ... I mean Diva Girls on Ice. In this game, you can select one of four teenaged girls and take her on a tour of several ice rinks all over the land. With each ice rink, you compete to get as many points as possible.
HYou guide you skater around the ice by tilting the Wiimote forward to go fast, back to slow down and left/right to go left/right. On the ice the'll be several circles which you skate over and press the A button.
Some spots, like the purple ones on a glowing path, will reveal other colored circles and you get points.
Hitting one of the other circles will launch one of three micro game where you manipulate the Wiimote according to the game's prompts.
First game has you tilting the Wiimote to keep a ball in the center of a bar. The second has you hitting the A button repeadely, then jerking the Wiimote up a few times, then hitting the B button. And the last has you pressing the A and/or B button while spinning the Wiimote in a circle.
Doing well in these micro games gets you points
During the song, there are hot spots on the song track. Play a micro game when you get to that section of the song and you get more points.
The controls are okay, but this game would benefit from using the Nunchuck and utilizing the Thumbstick to steer the skater about. Also, making sharp turns with the set controls is very hard (camera won't stay behind skater so I can't see where I'm going.)
To pass a level, you score more points than a certain number (varies by difficulty and arena). After that, you can go to another arena or change your skater's outfit with a vast variety of costumes, headgear, bracelets, wings, bows, and other accesories.
Problem is, going through this game once with one skater will take about an hour. You can repeat the game with another skater, but the experience is exactly the same.
Diva Girls: Divas on Ice repeats too much and it's too short; it's only for players with big interests in ice skating and fashion. SKIP IT.

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GF Rating


Not as easy as it seems

posted by QueenC (SPRINGFIELD, MO) Jan 3, 2011

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It may be just cause I've only had my Wii Fit for a few days, and my balance on it isn't the greatest yet, but I found this game incredibly hard to work. After 20 minutes of stumbling around the ice and my living room, I (an adult woman) gave up on a kids game and switched it over to a cardio workout game that did much much better.

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