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Final Fantasy Dissidia, not a FF

posted by Nojiske (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Apr 5, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

I do not know I sat down and played this literally within an hour I was already annoyed and angered by how it was, it was a bad game that had only the characters of final fantasy without the game style of Final Fantasy. The game play was severely lacking, it reminded me of a soul caliber theme instead of what final fantasy is about. The story line did not really catch my eye in the least, I could not get into the game I tried to but when I was playing I just could not help but think, Final Fantasy is not about this, I liked how they added characters from certain games, that was enjoyable and the bios that they had were perfect as well. Still I could not get into the game play what so ever, so to sum it all up....

1. Gameplay lacking and did not work for Final Fantasy in the least.

2. Story line lacking in interest.

3. Could not get into the game

4. Bios of the characters are amazing.

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GF Rating

Very Good

No dissin' dissidia

posted by STB123 (KALAMAZOO, MI) Mar 21, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

I know, dorky title...Final fantasy fans will love dissidia! I've been one for a while, the only problem I have with them, is the combat system. Dissidia takes care of that with ease.

Fist off: the storyline: 6.5/10
I wasnt too thrilled with the story to dissidia. It has its ups and downs.
You follow each of the 10 worriors in the game from FF1 to FF10. Each has their own story that takes place at the same time as the others. This is pretty cool, and you can watch everything in the "proper" order once you've unlocked all the cutsenes.
On the other hand, the acting is pretty bad. Not much to listen to.
The story itself is interesting and it will take a long time to completely finish, but after a short time it gets repetative and boring.

Next: the gameplay: 10/10
Im sure not everyone will agree with me, but for those who are into this type of combat, you will love it.
One downside, is that explaining how you fight is complicated. Luckily, once you play the game, it becomes obvious. Basically you can attack with bravery attacks (gain more strength to do more damage with HP attacks), or you can attack with HP attacks (does HP damage).
Sometimes starting out can be a bit frustrating, hitting an opponent with HP attacks can be difficult and once you learn your opponents HP attacks, you can dodge them nearly every time. But once you play for a while, and unlock new abilities, you will have an easier time and be thrashing past opponents no problem.

Testing..1,2...: the sound: 8/10
As I said, the voice overs are nothing to brag about.
But the music is top notch. They have music from the previous FF games including Once Winged Angel from FF7 and Otherworld from FF10. Attacks, grunts, taunts and all durring the gameplay are all perfectly fine and can add to the game.

Total: 8.5/10
I might want to give it a 10, but in all honesty it doesnt deserve it. As impressive as the game is, there is much to improve on, but overall it is a Great game. go on try it

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GF Rating


Hours Upon Hours of Gameplay

posted by Zephyr71 (EL PASO, TX) Nov 14, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

I really enjoy the Final Fantasy series fromt he beginning. This game offers a different form of play from the usual play of the series. The individual story line is unique to each character. The development of each character is somewhat individualized; however, the EX abilities and extra tend to be the same. I'm not as good playing freestyle, so I choose the Command Line battle system which is still fun.

It would have been nice to have another mode where you can team up and go at it. I can't wait for the next Dissidia coming out soon.

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