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Dissidia: Final Fantasy


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Fightan Fantasy

posted by Chaogod (LAND O LAKES, FL) Aug 28, 2009

Member since Sep 2003

Dissida the first Final Fantasy game of its kind.
A fighting game, certainly something not a lot of people saw coming.
But is it worth it?

The game has its own fighting system much different to traditional fighting games like Street fighter. It actually feels a lot like the Dragonball z budokai tenkaichi series. So the areas you fight around in are wiiiide open. Lots of room to run around in. But the combat its self is rather like a flat soda. Its really just mash circle till you have lots of brave (which determins how much damage you do) then hit with a HP attack (do actual damage). There isnt a lot to the fighting system. Its all really just a bunch of flashy moves that look cool. But its really enjoyable and will certainly give you a good time.

There is lots to do in this game. Tons of modes to choose from. As well as tons of customization and shops. So it gives the game a good amount of life in it. But even with that this game can and odds are for a lot of people will get boring in a short amount of time. Because as far as the fighting goes there isnt much to see and once your really good at it you find yourself doing a lot of the same things. Rather a lot of the characters play the same except for thier hp moves which just hit differently. Its either mash the O button or mash the Square button.

In the end the game is honestly pure fan service. Its a final fantasy fans dream fighting game. So if your a fan, you will most certainly find this game enjoyable. It does a wonderful job making them happy because they will look past its flaws. As for you others, the game isnt recommended. I find it to be a little overrated but i enjoy it anyways mainly because i am a fan myself.

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GF Rating


its good but not the best

posted by shidowdawg (PORTAGE, IN) Aug 28, 2009

Member since Jul 2004

its not bad at all the story mode get boring really fast because you really just want to fight but there is an arcade mode moves are nice pretty fast pace music good controls for the most feels solid I rather have a true fighting game like DOA ect. with FF charters, the air fights is great but it not bad at all its defiantly a hard core FF lover games.

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