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GF Rating


Great for Die-Hard fans

posted by Ansime (ROSEMOUNT, MN) Sep 18, 2009

Member since Feb 2008

Truly a great game, the gameplay won't disappoint, graphics are pretty good, fighting is fun no matter how times you do it. The only thing this game was lacking was the story mode. They tried to create it to be something like FF Tactics, it was fine at first but then became unbearable. It's alright for the first two or three stories you play, but it get's crazy. I toughed it out through the entire story mode, hoping for it to redeem itself, but it didn't. Honestly the best part about the story mode was the final boss battle. Simple and classic good vs. evil story line, with a twist or two in there. Very straight forward game, the characters story modes stay true to their characters at least. From squalls loner attitude to the crybaby cloud. All in all it's a great game that's lacking a bit in story, but if you like a great fighting game and final fantasy like me, this'll be great for you.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Its REALLY hard.

posted by Zelrag (NORTH TAZEWELL, VA) Aug 30, 2009

Member since Aug 2007

I really wanted to enjoy this game.

-Alot of playable characters.
-Tons of unlockables.
-Some of the best graphics you'll find on any PSP game.
-The BGM is the best I've heard in quite some time(for a PSP game)
-Its gets really hard!

The first few levels were so dang fun,I forgot that I was hungry(which rarely happens).But after awhile it got hard...really hard,so much so that it ruined the game for me.If your a casual gamer like me you might have a hard time late game.Leveling didnt help for me either.

Still its a good game if you can master dodging and attacking in like a second.Your enemies will dodge your attacks almost every time when you get in the late game.

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GF Rating

Very Good

One of the best looking PSP games to date.

posted by Jaris1630 (BUFFALO, NY) Aug 29, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

I own both the American and Japanese versions of this game. Its a well rounded game overall, leveling a character can seem like a slow grind at times but there's ways around that. With all of the favorites from the Final Fantasy universe and others that I'm surprised I like playing as, and some others to unlock, you'll find no shortage of characters to play as. Each character can be customized to your play style with moves and boosts, as well as the gear and accessories. One of the only things I didn't care for was the initial story mode, having to play through as each chracter and most cutscenes were redundant. Once you've cleared the story mode though, the fun part for me was the Duel Coliseum which must be unlocked. One way to speed up the leveling process is to purchase as many of the calendar icons for exp boosts a few days a week. So overall a very good game with lots of depth, despite some of the mixed reviews I've seen for the game.

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