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GF Rating


good but dont buy

posted by HikasuDingo (TILLAMOOK, OR) Nov 8, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

first off when you think of a disney game, you might think ( just for kids ) or ( low buget junk ) and you would be right but then they came out with this. Disney univers is a fun new look at what a good disney kids game should be.
story: 4.5
theres not much of one here.
game play: 7
fun and keeps you in the game, there is some funny stuff here to like in the c/s and in the worlds them self. the game play its self is fun and esay to do and learn.
graphics: 9
mmmm candy for the eyes
sound: 6
not much here too, but youll be making to much of a ruces to care.
multiplaer: 7
and i can say is ........the most fun youll have with your friends. why? there are lots of fun min games 2-4 per lv in ech wold. and in game not to bad in its self.

over all: 7

buy: no
rent: yes
buy as a gift for a kid: very yes

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GF Rating

Really Bad

couldnt even keep my 10 year old son interested

posted by bigjim (ORANGE, CA) Oct 31, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

both of us thougt it was lame that little guys kept coming out to kill you even after you killed them the ENTIRE time you are trying to complete your objectives in your missions. DISNEY DROPPED THE BALL ON THIS ONE !!
dont waste your time.

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GF Rating


For Kids and Families only

posted by iambosh (LEXINGTON, KY) Oct 30, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

I thought this would be like a lego game mixed with kingdom hearts, but this is even more "baby-proofed" than the lego games are, if that's possible. It's great for toddlers and parents to play with toddlers, but not for core gamers like me.

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