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Disney Universe is a fun filled family game.

posted by flyboy8498 (ELIZABETHTOWN, KY) Nov 15, 2011

Member since Aug 2009

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The presentation is simple yet very good. The story is simple & the menus are easy to navigate.

The graphics are... well they aren't up to CoD or Mass Effect 2 standards but they are passable. They are very simple and very good for a Disney game.

The sounds can be repetitive & get annoying at times. However, it's amusing at the same time. There is very little voice acting but overall the story really didn't demand it. The music is good & will leave a smile on your face for awhile & then it may become repetitive to you.

The gameplay really shines. It's a fun romp through different Disney "worlds." In these "worlds" you defeat baddies & solve easy puzzles to advance in the game. These puzzles are not the puzzles in the traditional sense. It is more like go find a cannon & drag cannon to an area so you can use the cannon. In the process you may have to change into a character to go underwater or figure out how to traverse an area. During the world play you collect Mickey Mouse Heads for virtually everything you do which includes beating up baddies, breaking things, beating the "arcade game" in the level, & opening chests. The Mickey Heads are the in-game currency to buy worlds & characters.

Each world is broken up into 3 different levels. Each level has 3 different sub-levels. So in total, for one playthrough, you will play 9 different levels in each world.

The great thing about the game play is it is really forgiving about mistakes. If you die, you respawn with less Mickey Heads

The lasting appeal of Disney Universe is very high. There is a ton of game to go around. You have 5 different worlds that you can unlock, each world has 9 different levels total. If you want to unlock all the characters you have to play each world twice. And there are 30 or so characters. While it very easily could get repetitive it never does.

This is a very easy family fun buy. For hardcore gamers, maybe not so much. Achievement hunters will love it for the easy sc

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posted by ktravers (HOUSTON, TX) Jul 25, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

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Got this game for my son thought it might be fun to play. He has all the Lego games and he has been playing this game at every opportunity. I am glad I got it for him !

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Very Good

Not bad, but not worth buying

posted by LastNight5 (DENVILLE, NJ) Oct 29, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

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Obviously set in the Disney world, your character is dressed in a particular Disney-related costume (Most of which are memorable and cute, with the exception of oddly-placed characters like Quorra from Tron). You play through several worlds with three-four parts, of which those parts have 3 parts (technically, 9-12 areas per world). The melee system is basic, and reminds me of combat system in Batman AA or AC; your character is directed towards the nearest enemy (or teammate) while attacking. The graphics are good, nice enough for what the game is. The worlds are cute, somewhat related to the actual movie they depict. My two gripes with the game include achievements and co-op. Achievements can only be gained by the player hosting the game, which is a bit unfair and angering since some of the achievements are time-consuming and easily attained with 2 or more players. The game is also co-op only; no online multiplayer. With that being said, some could consider it a plus since it is a Disney game directed towards children and families, so I doubt most parents want to encourage their kids to play online. Overall, its a great game to play with friends and for those who want a break from Gears, Batman, or Rage etc. But its $50, and can be easily finished in an afternoon, so I would say just rent it. It gets an 8/10 for its small, short worlds, lack of multiplayer, achievement issue, and price.

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