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GF Rating


Even with Wings, This is Grounded

posted by Teenkitsune (ABERDEEN, MD) Oct 27, 2013

Member since Oct 2013

Seeing as how Pixar wasn't involved by much and Micheal Eisner had more control of this film, it wasn't that good, even with the fantastic animation and background characters based on actual aircraft like actual Cessna's. This game doesn't really excel either, in fact it's quite bad. The graphics do look good on the Wii U, however cutscenes are recycled from the Wii version. The gameplay is quite low quality to, really bad pickup items, small maps to traverse, and very unrealistic flight controls. I can forgive the turning motions since it's supposed to be an amateur flight game, but the characters automatically level out when you perform pitch. Plus it's so sensitive, even the lightest of touch to the joy stick makes for a tight turn. Finally, if you run into a solid object, even head on, you don;t even crash, your plane just shakes it off and continues flying. It's unrealistic, mediocre, not worth playing. I do not recommend it.

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GF Rating

Above Average

I got an okay ride on these Planes

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Aug 15, 2013

Member since Jan 2008

Oh boy – here we go with another movie based game, Planes. This one is based off the movie of the same title made by Disney (Pixar has nothing to do with this even though they made Cars).
But this game isn’t terrible. The main mode has you picking a character and going through four missions with that character (there are 7 characters in all for a total of 28 mission). Most of the missions have you performing tasks like smash into billboards, fly low over fields, pick up objects, and shoot certain targets.
But the level design could be better. In order to get the best medal you have to spend some time on a secondary mission – busting through as many destructible objects (boxes, houses, tiki huts and so on).
But it gets annoying when the game tries to get me back on the main mission when doing so will leave me with a lower score – and a really bad medal.
Another problem is that this game tries to put in dogfights without actually putting in dogfights. Shooting at other planes just isn’t fun.
And there’s no real story in the main mode at all. I would’ve liked to see some connection between the four levels that each character has. But instead, there’s just a bland cut scene where a trio of planes talk about how important even the smallest task could be.
But there’s more to it than the main mode. In the other modes, you can search through each level for puzzle pieces, go burst a bunch of balloons within a time limit, or race against the AI over a few courses. There’s nothing fresh on display here, but it’s fun.
And it’s a lot of fun to have a second player join in on any mode for co-op.
Planes has a lot going for it, but it has lacking presentation - and the levels could be better designed. RENT IT.

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