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Disney Golf


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Gameplay Controls

Disney Golf
GamePlay: GAME MODES: Stroke Play: Lowest total score wins (1 - 4 Players). Match Play: Win each hole by making the fewest strokes. Most holes taken wins (2 players). Skins Match: Each hole is worth points. Player with the most points wins (2 - 4 players). Combination Play: 2 players team up and take turns, lowest total wins (4 players). Long Drive Contest: Compete for Longest Drive (1 - 4 players). Near Pin Contest: Compete for closest to the hole (1 - 4 players). Challenge: Tee off against Disney friends, win prizes to redeem for magic items.

Directional Buttons Left/Right = Adjust Aim, Up/Down = Adjust Loft
X Button Swing Club
Triangle Button Zoom to Ball's Landing Point/Aerial View
Square Button Item Screen/Fast Forward After Hitting
L2 Button Increase Fade
L1 Button Cycle Through Golf Clubs
R2 Button Increase Draw
R1 Button Cycle Through Golf Clubs
Start Button Pause
Select Button Access Select Menu

Circle Button Camera Reset
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Camera Height/Direction
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Camera Position