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Not what was expected but not dissapointed.

posted by Slade_O_Niel (BURIEN, WA) May 30, 2012

Member since May 2012

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The big complaint about this game is that it was advertised as this horrendous dark chapter in the story of Mickey's life. What it turned out to be was a fairly kid friendly romp through a somewhat twisted version of Disney Land. However, looking at the source material and just how restrictive Disney tends to be with their licences, this is pretty dang dark.

Mickey is sucked into a land for forgotten characters to answer for the crime of turning it into a wasteland. Using the powers of paint and thinner Mickey can alter the world at will which affects what kind of ending you get as well as how come characters react to you. With horribly twisted version of Disneyland park rides and scenery it's certainly not the happiest place on earth. Plus, couple that to gether with the fact that all the characters you meet are forgotten never to be seen again outside of the wasteland this game has a very dark feel for your average Disney romp.

Gameplay wise it comes down to a platformer with collection elements. Mickey goes from place to place completing quests which usually consists of collecting something. The camera can be a little unresponsive or downright frustrating at times but if you just take your time it will usually catch up with you. The ability to paint and thin objects is actually quite fun to experiment with coming with the abiltiy to fire a stream of the stuff or blast it out like buckshot.

Overall not to diffecult a game and for those who have an interest in the history of Disney cartoons this is a welcome look into Disney's unexplored past. Though not as advertised the mood managed to be sufficiently dark to sate my presumptions and the story is rather charming as Walt's original character Oswald finally gets some much needed screen time.

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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by TheDew777 (ACWORTH, GA) Dec 12, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

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I wanted to like this game so much. The story is very creative and interesting and I love the nostalgic feel of the levels, but the game is ultimately too frustrating to be enjoyable.

I found myself constantly battling with the camera angle to properly platform. I can't tell you how many times I missed an easy jump and fell to my death in an acid pool because I had some awful camera view to deal with. You are forced to constantly adjust the camera with the D pad while platforming and it becomes so tiresome. It's a shame too b/c I really wanted to see how the story progressed and I really like the aspect of the player being able to play through as a helpful Mickey or a mischevious Mickey. The in-between levels that feature 2D side-scrolling are great and taken directly from old Mickey movies.

I gave up on this one shortly into it. Definitely try before you buy and if you are buying this for your kids thinking it will be some easy happy fun time, don't. The game is actually scary and will frighten younger players.

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Epic Fail

posted by calebsdad (Bellevue, NE) Dec 2, 2010

Member since Sep 2005

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I was soooooooooooooooooo very excited for this game that i put it in the moment i ripped open the envelope. I was treated to a beautiful opening sequence that helped tell the lead-up to the story the game would tell. From the there the game fails in so many ways i couldn't help but almost cry. the platforming camera is so frustrating that I almost quit the game in the first task (jumping over a bridge) the game is in 3d but you have very limited control of the camera so from a jump across a bridge the camera should be from the side allowing you to gauge your progress in mid air, nope not there, maybe it was behind me that would be acceptable at least, no it was in-between behind and to the side thus rendering it not just useless, but counter to the game play. this is just the first of the major disappointments. next comes the disappointment that we are treated to DS style reading of all dialogue with the occasional grunt. really???? we couldn't get some voice acting here?????? next comes the fact that when i have to lock on to an enemy the lock on mode either sucks or is non-existent and here again our old friend the camera fails to be of any help. Levels design fails to be interesting and totally random at best. the game is beautiful and the story is so interesting, but they might as well just make it a movie or graphic novel because as a video game, epic mickey is an epic fail.

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