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Very Good

Not an Epic, but an Above Average Mickey

posted by EmoChips (COLLEGE STATION, TX) Dec 1, 2010

Member since Aug 2007

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- It's Disney. Nobody in this world hates Disney and their characters.

- It felt weird [in an awesome way] to play as Mickey Mouse in this... I wouldn't say entirely kid-oriented setting. The game is more for teenagers and adults who have a soft spot for Mickey as the game does have a more young adult inclination to it.

- Being given the choice to be Mischievous Mickey or Goody Goody Mickey. The game will still follow the basic storyline[I'm around the 60%-70% mark in the game] but you are given choices on how to do missions. A couple of them will give you the option of taking the easy road and doing it the "mean/thinner" way or the good/paint way. Just the fact one can do so with Mickey makes it all the more satisfying.

-A lot of the missions can be done with either paint or thinner.

- [for those who saw old cartoons... even House of Mouse] there are many old faces in here and seeing them in a non goofy [no disney pun intended] manner makes it better for me.

- The story is nothing out of this world, but seeing Mickey talking [well characters grunt and do noises while subtitles appear similar to Banjo Kazooie] and having serious/sad conversations again..... just makes it awesome because it's Mickey. Our childhood Mickey.

-the cutscenes have a beautiful art style.

- The camera. Nothing game breaking, but this is where the second joystick would be preferred over the d-pad and wiimote combo.

- the gameplay is nothing awe-strucking. The paint/thinner mechanics are nothing mind blowing. It's just a platformer/adventure game.

- the game's main appeal pre-release [more on the hype in the next point] was the steampunk/dark like Disney locations. It's more of a Tim Burton than a dark. Pretty to look at in a twisted way.

- Some textures and objects are subpar.

- The hype made the reviews lower. people were expecting the second coming of Mickesus.

Overall- 8/10. Definitely worth a play, the pros outweight the cons.

Buy or Rent?- Rent.

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GF Rating


The camera is the villain.

posted by DoomBean (AUSTIN, TX) Mar 30, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

4 out of 4 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I wanted to love this game. I did. But the camera is so bad. Ungh. With all the obscenities you'll be spewing, you'll feel more like Donald than Mickey.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Could have been better...

posted by lwalser (OKEMOS, MI) Sep 10, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

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Though the controls weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be, they definitely had some glitches. What was most disappointing to me thought was the story line. It was often very difficult and confusing which led to frustration and me deciding to stop playing the game.

I have high hopes for Epic Mickey, I'm sad it didn't work out.

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