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Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two


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Just opened it up and played this game.

posted by MegaMauserMan (PORTLAND, OR) Nov 20, 2012

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The game is good, it's a little over hyped I think, but generally good control on the Wii over the avatar. I haven't unlocked too much storyline so far. To sum it up, this game is a solid 7 rating adventure game.

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One step forward, one step back for EM2

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Dec 20, 2012

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When the first Disney Epic Mickey game came out, it was hailed as one of the best games of that year. So naturally, they came out with a sequel that tried to improve on the original.
In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, there are two players – Mickey with his brush, and Oswald with his electrical remote control. You can play this game single player and have the AI control Oswald, or you can have another human join in for some co-op fun.
The gameplay for this is much like the original; you have to get past several obstacles by using the brush to paint in objects or remove objects with the thinner. But this time, there are obstacles that Oswald has to deal with – programming locks to open, shutting down turrets, powering up fuse boxes.
The combat is the same with the blotlings (black ooze type creatures), but this time around, there are robots to deal with. Here, Oswald can help by freezing the robots so Mickey can destroy them. It will take about five to six hours for the basic game – a bit more if you go for the optional missions.
One of the biggest problems the last game had is fixed here; the camera. In this game, you can move the camera about so it’s in the right position to make that jump or find that object.
But the level design still has flaws in it. For example; in one area, there are three identical doors, but only one can be opened using thinner. Why can’t the other doors be opened the same way? I have no clue.
Also, the second boss battle goes on for far, far too long.
And it’s far too easy to get lost and overlook a critical fuse box or item to destroy – which brings the game to a halt as players wander about aimlessly looking for the way out. It’s a good thing you can use YouTube to find the answers.
Disney’s Epic Mickey 2 is a lot of fun to play – solo or co-op – but the level design needs work. It’s a definite rent, and fans of the first game might want to buy it.

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posted by brirus17 (UPPER SANDUSKY, OH) Dec 9, 2012

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I was a HUGE fan of the first Epic Mickey. It was fun and challenging. Then I was so excited to hear a 2nd game was coming out. After playing it and beating it in one weekend I was very dissatisfied. It was too short and too easy. It just seemed like the game was being rushed to be made and released. I really wish it were more similar to the first game. Very disappointed!

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