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Disney's Meet the Robinsons


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Xbox 360 Meet The Robinsons

posted by jerome2479 (ADDISON, ME) Jul 1, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Overall a pretty well designed game, except for the constant lockons, undesired lockons, and no jump feature. To recieve all the achievements you MUST: scan everything you encounter, explore all areas before continuing on to new parts, because some areas you will not be able to revisit, dont use cheats cause achievements become voided,
Game has its challenges which is good to have cause otherwise game would be boring.
Not to spoil anything but be sure to collect everything to play chargeball matches in minigames BEFORE taking on final boss Doris, because after you face robot you will NOT be able to go back to do anything except to start a whole new game, which in most games after beating it you are able to go back and complete missed secrets and achievements.
Basicly, play to win but dont get frustrated if you do not get all the achievements.

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Meet The Robinsons Review

posted by hainesdogg (SEWELL, NJ) Jun 6, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

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Usually Movie version of games are dull, boring, and just plain dumb. They lack story, depth, and interactive game play. Meet the Robinsons successfully dodges this pitfall, but does not hit the mark. This games centers around Wilbur Robinson, who in the movie is a supporting character. This is a good thing, this allows for the game and story to open up, rather than becoming stuck to a linear plot line. Surprisingly this game also has qualities similar to Legend of Zelda: Oceanria of Time. That's not to say the game is as good as that masterpiece, but still it definitely shouldn't hide. One huge similarity is the use of the Z-targeting and the LB button and the inventory structure. The game play is basically a dungeon crawl with minor puzzles setup in the level. There are some really great mini-games built in the game, like Charge Ball, and the Havoc Mazes. But all goods things must come to an end. One major problem with this game is, it is way too easy. Even for young children, this game is way too easy. Though the Achievements are not so easy to unlock all 38. Most are your standard fare, beat this boss, find this thing, but the challenging ones are the Achievements relating to the Mini-games. Another major complaint is the camera, while generally is good, will tend to stick to certain points in the room. This becomes very annoying quickly. Even though with it's faults, Meet The Robinsons is definite rental. This is a perfect game to rental for a week and master.

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posted by Scott666 (ENDICOTT, NY) Sep 10, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

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I rented this game for easy achievements and they weren't so easy. Not that the game is hard just very tedious and boring. I wouldn't wish this game played by my worst enemy.

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