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Disney's Chicken Little: Ace in Action


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Also on:DS, PS2
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GF Rating

Very Good

Great fun for fans of the movie.

posted by RedShoe (REDWOOD CITY, CA) Jan 9, 2007

Member since Mar 2006

4 out of 4 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I remembered the "Chicken Little" story from my youth - and so when I found out that a movie was being made - I made sure I saw it on the 'big screen'. When I saw there was a game being made - I wanted to play it. The game does a great job of adding something to the movie. It is fun - although - if you did not like the movie or a 'fan' (in some way) of 'chicken little' - you just might find this game to be an average action/adventure game. It almost has a Lego Star Wars 'feel' to it - as you go around the levels collecting 'acornium' (acorns) and other such items to purchase - better weapons, shields, etc, etc. The way the game and the movie are integrated within the game is the most 'fun' part of this game. I say - give it a try.

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GF Rating


Impossible To Beat

posted by deekim (HOUSTON, TX) Sep 22, 2007

Member since May 2007

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Graphics are nice at 480p. Easy menu interface and setup. Immediate entry into game-play. Fairly easy controls that can be picked up right away. Mission variety. Cheat codes.

Even though the graphics are nice the colors seemed a bit bland with basic shades. Controlling the hovercraft took some time to get used to. Time-limit bonus is ridiculous; you will never finish most missions in time for this bonus. Missions get progressively difficult to impossible to beat. After the first set of Pluto missions, forget it. I was unable to find market place within the game to purchase extras with the loot money. Probably because of the cheat.

This game has a target market for children so I rented this for my younger brother. However, I found it to be impossible to play after the Pluto missions. Some missions are so impossible that it took several tries even with cheat codes. This children's game is harder than Zelda: Twilight Princess, believe it or not, even with cheat codes. You cannot beat this game without them and still difficult with them. Not only is this children's game ridiculous, but most levels are impossible to beat without cheats. I keep emphasizing children's game because I don't know any adults who are into Chicken Little. It is clear that the developers did not test this game with children before they began selling it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Generic action has a new face

posted by Gobbles (KISSIMMEE, FL) Feb 23, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

This game highlights a genre that works very well for the wii: the satirical, non-photorealistic genre. Obviously, the graphics probably aren't the best, but they are very good cartoon quality during game play. The game play includes over-the-shoulder shooter, aircraft, and assault vehicle game play, which places the game in the '3 for the price of 1' category. The controls are awkward at first, but very easy to use once gotten used to. There is no online content, and I didn't get a chance to try the 2-player mode due to a lack of hardware. The only real problem I had with this title was the graphical quality of the cut scenes. The animation looked like a preliminary CAD sketch used for the animated movie. I was hoping for movie quality cut scenes. This is not a major problem, but it does keep it from having a perfect score. Overall, this game is a very solid effort that is hopefully a sign of good things to come from the Disney/Nintendo studios.

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