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Above Average

To each their own

posted by King4day (CHARLOTTE, NC) Oct 22, 2012

Member since Jan 2007

I won't rip the game too much because I know everyone has their own favorite kind of genre game.
For me, it's hack and slash and FPS. I prefer fast action.
I was disappointed in Crysis and am disappointed in Dishonored.
It's an extremely difficult game, even on the easy levels. You have to be patient.

I do think the ideas are good. Sneaking up and killing is always a fun concept, but when it only takes a few hits to die, it loses its appeal fast.

Not an awful game but if you aren't patient and prefer to just run and kill, then it's only worth a rental.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Really good game, just very short

posted by diego1995 (PERRIS, CA) Oct 22, 2012

Member since Jun 2011

i played this game stealthfully, and in honastly it did add up to a extra 2 hours of gameplay but its really short, other then then great game

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GF Rating



posted by Tifa007 (SAFETY HARBOR, FL) Oct 22, 2012

Member since Oct 2010

I really don't understand where all the praise is coming from for this game. There's nothing original about it. It couldn't rip off Bioshock any more if it tried. And then, imagine being in Rapture and then told you're not "supposed" to kill anybody. If you go on a murderous rampage, the game is horribly depressing and all the characters hate you. Being stealthy is obviously a lot more fun, but while the game touts multiple ways of completing a task, there's really the 1 optimal way that is oftentimes hard to discover.

Yes, the game is also very short, the plot never really gets you interested and there are no surprises. It's worth a rent, but I wish it would have come out in the summer when the pickings were much more dry.

Bethesda had a good concept here, but it just didn't come off as original. Disappointing considering all the hype it got at E3.

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