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Great New IP, With Lots of Potential!

posted by Sovereignty (GULFPORT, FL) Oct 28, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

I'll admit I had basically zero interest in this game prior to its release. However, seeing the glowing critical reception it received, my curiosity was piqued, and I figured it was worth a rental. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Dishonored; it was one of the only games that I have played besides Splinter Cell Conviction to present viable options for both complete stealth and utter carnage. The sandbox style levels give you a terrific amount of choices in how you choose to go about your missions. On top off that, the powers that your character is gifted with are a blast to use - as are your uprgradeable weaponry. It seems like the developers took all of the best aspects of Bioshock, Deus Ex: HR, and Hitman: Blood Money, and molded them into one fun, cohesive package. It surprised me that a new IP would play more smoothly than some recent sequels - but this game was hands down better constructed then the aforementioned Deus Ex: HR. That said, the game is lacking any sort of New Game + feature; that's a bummer, because it would be great to be able to creatively replay the various levels while retaining your entire exciting arsenal. Regardless, Dishonored was a great rental, and I have high hopes for what this franchise will develop into in the future.

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Very Good

Not what I expected, but amazing still

posted by Nastaya (MESA, AZ) Oct 27, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

When I first learned about Dishonored, it was while watching Face Off. During that episode, I had built up high hopes for this game. I hadn't read much about it, I just went off of what I heard from the show, and so I was greatly disappointed to find out you are only allowed to be one person and don't have a choice of who you are.

Overall the game is amazing, and even on normal mode, you still need to use your brain to sneak around without getting caught. The graphics are amazing, and except for some really big glitches that can ruin and entire quest, its an amazing game and I've already started to play it over again. The one giant downside, however, is that its short. There are only 9 total quests, that vary in length depending on your strategy of how to beat the game.

Overall, I give the game an 8.

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GF Rating


Excellent Game

posted by moralitysense (MAYS LANDING, NJ) Oct 27, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

Overall, I was a bit skeptical about this game, but I heard good things. The game can be somewhat easy on the easiest difficult which is of course for beginning gamers or casuals. However, playing on the hardest difficulty gave a whole new dimension to its depth. The enemies were very observant, extremely powerful (meaning a gun shot or sword slash did damage you would expect in real life not a tank who can live through dozens of slashes).
I was very impressed by the different pathways and roles you could choose. Other games did incorporate the non-killer and killer decisions, but here it is more relevant. You could be the assassin you are blamed to be and kill freely or be the protector you are and have clean hands in your time of darkness. Either way, the role options with the achievements make it increasingly more challenging and fun. Sneaking around and not alerting anyone to your presence while completing your missions is the ultimate challenge whether you are killing the targets and people in your way or simply knocking them unconscious. The latter choice is the more complicated and time consuming choice, but it does lead to fun scenarios and nearly caught instances.
Overall, the game gives new life to the idea and meaning of assassin. Excellent game and while the story is the age-old betrayed, framed, and seeking justice scheme it is only the groundwork for the rich story that the developers created. An entertaining story that can be played twice over for different results. An excellent challenge for the avid gamers and thrill seekers.

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