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posted by dirtmongers (BRUNSWICK, OH) Jan 1, 2013

Member since Jan 2012

Dishonored was a good game. It was one of my top ten favorite games. If you are into the bioshock games;this is the game for you. It had a good story line, good controls.You could either go sneaky or lethal. The missions are difficult at sometimes which i liked, and you'll probably have to look a playthrough a couple times trust me I had to

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Best Game I've played in a long time

posted by Stavy3 (OWATONNA, MN) Dec 29, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

I loved this game. The use of stealth is so much more enjoyable in this game than any other game like it including Assassin's Creed or Hitman, etc. I played it through twice and did the clean hands achievements. The abilities make it a lot of fun to experiment with throughout the game. This game is worth buying and keeping, I was sad I had to give it back. They need to make a second one this was too good to be a one hit wonder.

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Like Thief? You'll LOVE Dishonored!

posted by ChazA4 (HOLLAND, MI) Dec 29, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

Having watched the preview videos, I was pretty pumped for Dishonored...the game appeared to be a throwback to the Thief series, and a breath of fresh air to the stealth genre as a whole. Having played it, I'm not disappointed.
Veterans of Thief will find themselves at home immediately...the game has excellent stealth mechanics, allowing multiple entries into various locations. Hack n' slashers will also love the ability to simply slice their way through the game as well. But the variety doesn't stop there...each mission has multiple ways to complete it as well, and one mission even has your target randomized(it won't be the same person every time you play)!
Your arsenal, while small, allows for a great deal of customization, particularly when combined with your supernatural powers. Use Blink(short range teleport) to warp in, slit someone's throat, and then warp out before anyone sees you. Use Bend Time when you're caught to grab your enemy's grenades out of the air and toss them back...or to shoot five enemies before they can blink with tranqs.
This game is not without its faults, though...I've had a number of instances where enemies should not have been able to see me(notably across a LONG bridge), but did. Sometimes, it's also difficult to see where exactly you will Blink to, as well as if you'll climb up that ledge you're aiming at. And while this is an equipment issue, if you're not running an HD set, the text can be a real pain to read. It's a shame SD TVs weren't accounted for.
Overall however, Dishonored is an EXTREMELY immersive game, and whether you like to leave a bloodbath behind, or no disturbances, whether you like to assassinate or humiliate, you'll find something to enjoy about this game.

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