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Above Average

Dishonored is good but not great!

posted by Smartfun (TACOMA, WA) Jan 28, 2013

Member since Mar 2010

The game has very few instructional hints or suggestions to help aid better game play. Others have also pointed out, that you will NEVER earn enough runes to open or max out your dark powers! If you do read this prior to playing, here's a tip....pick 3-4 powers and max them out! For stealth, Drift and possession are good to focus on! Health of course helps any game play and beware, that if you are the type to hack and slash a very dark outcome at end, that you can't change mid-way or even at the end! If you want a more pleasant ending, focus on ALL nonlethal options and avoid all confrontations if at all possible. If you like gore, then hack away but you will be placed in a negative legacy for yourself and young Emily.
The least helpful power is the rats summon, as this again creats lethal outcomes! Also possession of humans is short and best done in seculded areas or for a quick pass through a barrier. Be sure to choke-out the subject immediately, upon leaving to avoid detection!
This could have been done more stylishly with a tutorial on how best to maximize stealth!
Also, the game can be clitchy at times and do auto-saves in a better fashion so as not to respawn in the middle of a battle, leaving you no choice but to have a gore filled outcome.
Best of game success to all and remember to focus on only 3-4 powers that will best aid your type of game, DO NOT try to activate all powers but only those that help your chosen path!

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GF Rating


Good Gameplay, Buuuut...

posted by fatnerd (ELK GROVE, CA) Jan 28, 2013

Member since Mar 2007

Let me start off by saying that I was really looking forward to the game, and at first glance, the storyline seemed interesting and the gameplay seemed extremely clean. While the gameplay IS solid along with the controls, the storyline quickly becomes very cliche and predictable. They miss a lot of opportunities to make this game GREAT instead of just above average-to-good.

The difficulty--even at it's hardest setting--is pretty easy. I rarely used health vials and mana potions I only started using after I realized how many I was coming by and passing up. Too few powers and half are useless aside from pure novelty.

It's still worth renting, the gameplay and tight controls make the game. But to anyone thinking about paying $60 for this game, NOOOT even CLOSE to being worth it; I got so bored with it after beating it once and replaying it for stealth achievements just didn't feel worth it.

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Dishonored is a MUST play

posted by vikes48 (JASPER, AL) Jan 26, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

Great Game, loved that your decisions determined different outcomes. If you like Bio-Shock or Any games in the Fable series its a must play. Kill scenes are awesome and I really couldnt put it down. I woke up early on my one day off just to beat it, keeps you in the game the entire time. Wouldnt recommend playing in front of small children, intense violence. MUST PLAY!

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