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Deserves a higher rating

posted by fergalicious (BELLA VISTA, AR) Feb 2, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

If you love stealth will love this one. If you don't..then you will give this game a low score. I'm only on my first go around but the game is tight. I don't really know at this point how much more equiptment i'm going to receive but so far i'm a bad motherfather. sword in one hand gun or crossbow(or magic, or a heart; used to find things,in the other hand. And on top of that you can upgrade these items. It has a cool block and counter system that keeps it from being just a hack and slash. You have multiple Arrows from your crossbow to use. (lethal and non lethal) you can use grenades. Now there are two endings to this game depending if you kill or don't kill. right now i choose to kill and rats are showing up everywhere. and they will attack you in packs and devour you whole. lol same with the enemy. They only flaw i really saw in the game is the controls feels a little wierd. kinda like your over moving. like you will aim your cursor to pick up something and it will over shoot what you trying to grab. but after awhile you get used to it. Now its not an open world like grand theft auto or fallout or skyrim, but it does give you multiple ways to get to your location, like the last splinter cell. And heck, its gamefly, no matter what the review is you should always give it a shot. i never base a games rating by someone elses OPINION.

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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by faulkner27545 (KNIGHTDALE, NC) Feb 1, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

This game is absolutely horrible. There are no other words needed

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Conflicting Messages

posted by Angelzbane (TORRANCE, CA) Feb 1, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

Dishonored is a game I would recommend trying out absolutely. The first person, as well as the interesting story, is very reminiscent of a Bioshock-like enjoyable atmosphere. There is a huge problem though, and it's easily identifiable by looking at the games' achievements. When you're given weapons and powers and then asked to NOT USE THEM in order to "better complete" the game I find that to be completely asinine. Some would argue that it allows the opportunity for choice with your take on the character, or playability- which could be reason enough for those who are really taken by this game. However, when I am given a shotgun and a blade and then at the end of the level I see there was a bonus for non-leathality, I become confused.

By the way, is it really fun to play a game where the whole point is to sneak around? I personally could not ever find that premise attractive.

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