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great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by xthexcoonxx (MARKSVILLE, LA) Nov 13, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

great story good stealth component awesome powers and weapons. the story line is great you play as corvo attono a master assassin were the guard of the empress and her daughter emily assassins kill the empress and blame it on u and u have to get revenge and kill the ones responsible.

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Above Average

Played this before

posted by Ninjaxprsn (VENTURA, CA) Oct 18, 2012

Member since Jun 2008

9 out of 15 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

After playing this game for a few hours and feeling like I've been here and done this before I couldn't help but feel disappointed. Bioshock gameplay meets Thief leaving the sum of both parts rather bland. Sure you can get as creative as you want with stealth or you can run through and kill everyone... either way the end result is the same. I had more fun with the earlier mentioned games in the same amount of time I spent with them than this game.

The textures are plain and the color palette is drab which is hard to accept this late in the generation as they are on par or worse than first gen 360/PS3 games. The story leaves a lot to be desired outside of a cliched revenge template where you are left imagining how the main character sounds and would react to situations. I felt no connection whatsoever to Corvo and could care less about the situation he was unwillingly thrown into.

The one thing this game has going for it is the developer willing to take the risk of creating a single player game like this against the grain of the industry that is oversaturated with FPS military shooters and tacked on multiplayer.

I really wanted to like this game but the glaring flaws expressed earlier in my review left me disappointed with the overall product. I'm hoping if there is a sequel the devs won't pull any punches and step up their game. I'll be waiting to support them when and if that happens.

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GF Rating


its worth renting at least

posted by Gamer81_redux (FRIONA, TX) Nov 6, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

So i just got done playing Dishonored, It was an interesting game. I played it through twice because they have two different endings. the story was inventive, but ultimately disappointing. Your set in a steam punk, black plauge era, and are trying to avenge the Empresses death, and save her daughter. you have two paths to go down not kill a soul and end up with a pleasent ending or kill everyone and cause the plauge to spread.

the game play is nearly flawless, but after playing through it once the second time you know what upgrades you should go after and makes the game super easy no matter the level of difficulty you put it on. the puzzles they try and give you are super simple, so any time you have difficulty just look around for a book thats shines or a paper that shnes read it and you have your answer. the most difficult part is the "weepers" which for all intents and purposes are zombies by a different name. but you can get upgrades that will heal you and restore your magic if weepers attack you so some times when your health is low just get attacked and heal your self.

they put health and Magic Potions everywhere, the second time through the game i never ran out of either, and always had the max, i only used my sword the second time through and never my gun, cross bow, nor any other gadgets, i only used two powers most of the second time and that was stop time and Blink, the latter is a power where you can move great distances in a blink of an eye that means up things across great distances, and out of harms way in an instant.

The game though is really short, and for a game from the creators of Fallout 3, skyrim and the like i felt cheated. i was hoping for a long game where i would be free to roam the worlds, but there are litterally only 6 different locations really, and you replay 3 of those.

besides that the graphics where awesome, and the fact that if you shoot some poor gaurd in the head with your cross bow you have the chance of

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