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very original 1st person shooter

posted by Xrage (HAMMOND, IN) Jun 9, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

There are so many FPS on the xbox that even good ones tend to blend in with all the others.

Dishonored is the most original, unique FPS i've played in a long time.

The game really shines when you play the stealth playthrough so do that first, then go through and kill everyone on your second playthrough

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posted by J_DUBzzz48 (NEW GLOUCESTER, ME) May 30, 2013

Member since May 2013

I think the game was too short for a Bethesda game, but i guess what do you expect when they team up with other companies, i didnt care for this game that much

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Above Average

Bioshock Lite

posted by MFLuder (BLACKSBURG, VA) May 28, 2013

Member since Sep 2010

Was this game good?

Not exceptionally.

Was it bad?

Not at all.

That's what really is Dishonored's greatest downfall. It takes the familiar formula of magic powers on your left hand some kind of weapon on your right hand set in an unusual time period that we've seen from games like Bioshock series and then fails to deliver something as robust as we have come to expect. The story begins with an interesting enough note and the world feels lived in enough to be realistic, but the story quickly dies down as you go on missions which revolve around taking an extra few minutes to complete the mission in the "easy" way or do it the "hard" way.

There really is no hard way. Dishonored tries to borrow from Assassin's Creed's stealth system, but in first person it feels a little less than polished. It's difficult to be sneaky in a first person perspective and there's no real reward for being sneaky. It's just as easy to clear out a room with your sword and pistol than it is to sneak through the room.

Upgrades require item pickups which really break storyline. It's frustrating to see an upgrade and have to spend precious time navigating to it and then navigating back into the mission. Side quests are like this too with sometimes endless go to X and do Y then return formulas it seems like they were an afterthought.

Visually the game is tight and I really did enjoy some of the different "spells" the game lets you use even if they were mostly unnecessary. Enemy AI ranges from X-Ray vision to drunkard who left his glasses at home as well so it's easy to want to give up and just use magic to kill people instead of sneaking around them.

Multiple endings make the story refreshing, but I couldn't help feeling like I was in a tiny "open" world which was really linear. I had been excited to play this game but after about 3 hours I was disappointed enough to not really want to play anymore at all.

For all it's downfalls it still is a decent game tha

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