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Bethesda's Steampunk Masterpiece

posted by biscuits01 (SAN RAMON, CA) Oct 11, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

12 out of 17 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

Dishonored grasps the concept of immersion like no other modern game. After a short time playing I felt like a real citizen of Dunwall, and the story sucked me in immediately.
Stealth sections are exactly as they should be, open ended and offering different paths to the target. The choice between lethal and nonlethal strikes, a mechanic that alters future levels. For instance, killing too many guards in one level will lead to increased security in future levels. This forces you to be more thoughtful with your movements and consider every angle to completing a mission with the highest ratings.
And Level exploration is nothing short of perfection. You're given tools and abilities to navigate through the world and it is laid out in front of you like a steampunk playground.
Dishonored fills a niche in modern gaming that hasn't been well tended to since the Hitman days. If you're looking for a great narrative and refined tactical gameplay then Dishonored most certainly delivers.

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Very Good

Very very good stealth game, not QUITE great.

posted by Seizure (POWELL, OH) Apr 18, 2013

Member since Jul 2007

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

First of all, I am not inherently a fan of stealth games. Try something, fail and reload. Repeat thousands of times. Not fun. However, this is an amazing example of the breed.

However, two things really made me upset with the game, and took the rating down. First of all, sneaking up on people to put them unconscious uses the same button as "block". Probably a hundred times (literally) I had to reload because instead of choking someone, I "blocked" right behind them and they heard me.

The other thing is, on one VERY long mission, apparently I killed one person. ONE. I never killed anyone, and I am NOT going to replay an entire mission because of it. If the game arbitrarily decides someone dies (somehow) it should let me know at the time, so I can reload then. VERY upsetting.

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An odd stealth game.

posted by AlwaysTumbling (DOW CITY, IA) Nov 6, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

11 out of 16 gamers (69%) found this review helpful

I wanted to like this game.
That being said, I didn't. It's a frustrating and confused mess at times and stops being fun early on.


- It has a variety of gameplay mechanics mirroring the acclaimed Bioshock series.

- An interesting story. If only at first.

- The city they've crafted is probably one of the most impressive things about the game.

- The supernatural powers are a blend of useful and fascinating.


- Remember when I mentioned those gameplay mechanics up there? Well be prepared to use maybe half of them if you're lucky because, if you go non-lethal like me to attempt getting the "good" ending, you won't be using most of the things at Corvo's disposal.

- The narrative loses steam fast as you'll be seeing events coming from miles away and have no way of impacting any of them. It's like playing as a mute with no free-will and no way to fight his destiny... wait that's exactly what this game is.

- The enemy AI ranges from uncommonly observant to braindead. Don't believe me? Try using possessing to go from one guard to another and another to get to an objective earning easy no-kill missions, watching the guards helplessly vomit as you leave their possession and walk away in a new husk whom nobody cares is leaving his post.


I can't stand having to choose between what is unquestionably a more fun and varied way to play or a better ending and moral high ground. For a game that seems to promote non-lethality, at least from a narrative perspective, it doesn't implement even a third of the tools for it that it's lethal counterpart receives.

I do recommend this game to the curious but I would suggest going into it with tempered optimism - 5/10

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