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Amazing and fun!

posted by Cookies42Nite (STOCKTON, CA) Oct 14, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

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First things first, this is my first review and I'm going to try my best.
Okay, I do not know why there are so many negative reviews on this game saying that the graphics are terrible, story is stupid and what not. Hey, it's a steam-punk world, what do you expect? Battlefield 3 or Crysis 2? I think the graphics are great for a steam-punk game. It has a unique style and very detailed. I've been waiting for this game since the release of its trailer hoping it would be good and it turns out to be excellent. The control of the game is simple, but the point is to use Corvo's gadgets and abilities which is very simple and fun. The game's audio, voice acting (and etc.) are excellent for the stealthy type of game. As for the game-play, it is absolutely fun and has a great replay value. Although it isn't a sandbox game, every mission you do is its own free world. The way of killing your targets, are your ways. There are many things in the game to explore and discover. Your choices effect the overall game having multiple endings. The only reason why I rated it a 9 instead of a 10 is because the story was a bit short for me. And @negative reviews, I am not saying you are wrong, this is my opinion. All in all, i would give this game a 9.5 and recommend to buy or rent it.

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posted by LIQUIDFX00 (BIRMINGHAM, AL) Oct 11, 2012

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Member since Feb 2012

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

This is a great game. I loved it as soon as it started. The graphics are good so I don't know what everyone is talking about. The thing that got me to like this game even more was the fact that at some point early on you end up in prison. Sound familiar? It should because that is the beginning of all Elder Scroll's games. The movement is so fluid and when you run it is very fast. It has like this autoaiming system which is awesome though i am sure you can turn it off if you wish but I liked it. You get 2 weapons to start with, a gun and sword. I don't know about everyone else, but when I was in the prison I just started killing everyone in sight, and these were gory kills, not overly gory, but gory nonetheless. I am starting to think that people who are giving this game a bad review on GameFly have not actually played the game because it feels so good to play. Rent this as soon as you can unless you don't like fun games. I am telling you that you will like this game if you play it. If I were to go into anything else in the game it would spoil it. I still don't understand what people are talking about when they say it has bad graphics, which it doesn't, because, I mean, come on, this is the Xbox 360 version not some high end computer. This game is awesome. Oh yeah, you get to loot bodies and move them around to hide them or just throw them away. I thought I would mention that.

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Above Average

Dishonored, what happened?

posted by Greekish (FRANKLIN, MA) Oct 17, 2012

Member since Sep 2008

4 out of 9 gamers (44%) found this review helpful

Hey, so I don't usually review games however given the amount of hype this game had I was very excited to say the least. When I finally got my hands on it I can tell you I was nothing short of annoyed at its design. The game looks very ugly from its aesthetics. It has very little color and the color it does use is just a pallet of mundane colors. I mean you get more colors out of a graveyard. The game itself i think falls into a confused category at it fights with itself to figure out its identity. On one hand it plays like Skyrim with a stealth kit, on the other hand it feels like its trying to be an assasins creed game with magic. Either way this game falls short with a lack of focus. "Also I am annoyed that the game penalizes the player for exacting revenge by making you the bad guy for killing."

Graphics - 6 (There are older games that look way better)

Story - 6.5 (Cliche story that has been done before with little twists)

Gameplay - 5 (The game played like your standard stealther with little WOW factor)

Value - 6 (There are other stealth games out there that provide more enjoyment and are done better, AC , Tenchu, MGS come to mind)

Overall - 6 (Under developed, un focused , lack luster, nothing new)

My argument that its nothing new is in it's offerings, what it offers are gimmicks and nothing more, we have seen this game before. It has a new title and is the same old same old with a new skin.

P.S. We as gamers need to stop buying games that are not innovative to try and push developers a little bit to give us something engaging and fun. This game is not worth $60, at its best I would pay $15 and that is being generous.

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