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Excellent blend of gameplay and visual choices

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Oct 14, 2012

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"Dishonored", a stealth -action hybrid done in the first person perspective, is an excellent blend of gameplay choices and some nicely done stylized visuals. Arkane Studios has done a terrific job at bringing the city of Dunwall to life, with its corrupt royals, brutal guards, and citizens trying to survive in the decaying city overrun by a plague borne of rats. The story follows Corvo, right hand of the Empress, who is falsely accused of her murder. The story is fairly well done and has a few twists and turns, along with three different endings based on your choice of play style. Rushing through and killing everyone can make this a short campaign (some say they've beaten the game in 6-8 hours), but doing so not only gives you the darkest of the 3 endings, but you also miss a majority of what the game has to offer. There's plenty to do and see in Dunwall, with lots explore. Doing so can add about 10-15 hours to the game. There is plenty of reading material scattered about, and they add a depth to this world akin to Rapture in "Bioshock" and the cities in "Deus Ex". Controls work well, allowing you to wield a sword in one hand and a pistol or crossbow in the other, or you can leave one hand free to access Corvo's unique abilities, which are acquired by collecting runes scattered throughout the world. These abilities include teleportation, being able to see through walls, possession, and being able to summon a swarm of rats to attack your foes. All have their uses, though it'll probably take more than one playthrough to unlock and max out all of your powers. And this game does beg to be played more than once, as there are multiple paths and ways to complete your mission, along with plenty of sidequests and rewards for doing things differently. Be ultraviolent, and the game world becomes a harsher place with more guards, rats, and infected called Weepers. Stealth keeps things on a calmer side, though it is more challenging to achieve. Definitely a must play.

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The good, the bad, and the game

posted by kaitoofrose (HARVEST, AL) Oct 11, 2012

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hey everyone. I'm starting my own reviewing thing, so just message me somehow, if you know how to if you don't like it. Now, I'm going to go over each part of the game.

Graphics: Now, people complain about the graphics of this game, how it is 'PS2' Era. I think they look more akin to Bioshock, with some realism, but with kind of a gothic feel to it. I give the graphics an 8/10

Gameplay: Gameplay can be viewed in many ways. If you are looking at this as a stealth game, than it succeeds in that. At normal, the enemies are hard to sneak by, especially if you have run out of sleep darts or there are plenty of enemies in front of you. From an action stand-point, it is also good, but you will have a much harder time completing it later in the game, especially with the larger infestations of rats, stronger security, and an overall worse ending. I give gameplay a 10/10

Sound: Now, the sound is a slight weak-point to this game. The voices are not as varied as I would like, and don't give enough feeling sometimes. The music is also sometimes the same most of the time, but does fit the mood quite well. You can hear people, and animals, moving around fairly well, which is helpful if you are trying to sneak past everything. I give sound 7/10

Overall: Overall, it is a solid stealth/shooter with a good amount of difficulty and pushes people to try and sneak past most everything, or else face the consequences later in the game. As a game overall, I give it a 9/10. Please give this game a chance befor reviewing it.

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Meh, I have seen better

posted by MondayCures (RALEIGH, NC) Oct 25, 2012

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2 out of 5 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

I was pretty bored by the story line and didn't care for the control handling.

Don't get me wrong, I can certainly see how others may be interested and really like this game but it just didn't suit me.

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