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Dishonored review

posted by TheHOOTINATOR (ELKMONT, AL) Oct 23, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

I just finished today and this is a great game. It was really good but I had a few problems with it. The story was on par, nothing impressive and not a stick in the mud either. Graphics were quite pretty with a bioshock feel to it. Free roaming was very good, almost anything you see can be grabbed and used to your traversal. The combat was varied with a choice of going in with a blade and gear or using your powers to make things a little more interesting or both. Stealth and berserk choices were very satisfying. These are the good things about this game. Now the bad. I wanted more. I felt like there should've been more gear that you could've bought or acquired. More armor choices that do different things and different weapons that are sorted for different tactics. I also had a hunger for more powers. Especially ones that could render enemies paralyzed or unconscious. I also wanted one that could give enemies the plague and turn them into disease spreading weepers. I had a horrible problem of falling in this game. The first person view makes getting around very cool but it can back fire like the many times I was standing on a narrow ledge and looking for something higher to blink to only just to accidentally step off my post and fall from a mortal height and land in a handful of enemies. There were some problems with loading and saving and there needs to be a restart checkpoint option. I can't remember how many times a guard would see me and the only way I could redo it was buy dying and that was irritating. It needed to be longer. The game has a high replay value but it only took me a good 7 hours to wrap it up and I found almost everything. The game also shows a favoritism with karmatic choices. It gave you more rewards for being good then silently killing everyone like I did in the game because he's an assassin not a police officer that chokeholds every person that wants to kill him. My game also got lag when there were more than 5 guys on screen. I want a sequel

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posted by Dork24 (ANAHEIM, CA) Oct 19, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

This game is amazing, its a type of game that people will be playing for weeks because of how fun, exciting,and amazing it is, every little thing you do will affect the game play threw out your adventures in the game and you will notice, the game play is smooth with little to no bugs at all, the music fit perfectly to the mood of the game and when i first got the game already I was hocked on, the details on this game almost feel has bioshock which is a good thing too and theirs really not much I could say about this game besides of how AMAZING it is and i recomend that you play it as soon as possible trust me you wont regret it.

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Great with marginal flaws

posted by arbitercaser (VALDOSTA, GA) Oct 19, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

I played through dishonored twice and each time was completely engrossed in the story and enjoyed it thoroughly. I would recommend this game to anyone. The only issues i found were that specifically the Blink power had a hard time deciding whether i wanted to teleport past an object or on it, and caused me to trip alarms more than once. I will be paying attention to Arkane studios for quite some time.

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