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So many choices in a great game!

posted by femshep (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Nov 2, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

I had high expectations with this one, and i was not disappointed. The graphics were great. The characters were interesting. and the city of Dunwall was amazing.
Your character is charged with a crime you did not commit, and forced underground to help right all the wrongs committed by the people who rose to power by framing you in the first place. It was not open world but even better with very large areas to explore and many hidden areas, with objective markers for tasks and side tasks.

The gameplay was great though it took getting used to the controls. I am used to aiming with the left trigger and shooting with the right. In this game, the left controls the left hand with a plethora of powers to choose from and the right trigger controls the right hand to use weapons.

The best part is all the choices you have in how to complete your missions. I herd that you can play the whole game no-kill. I was not skilled enough to stay in stealth mode at all times. I tried to knock out and use sleep darts when i could, but when i was detected and surrounded by 4-12 enemies i busted out my arsenal of weapons and went off! I upgraded my weapons and spent all my money on ammo. I chose to upgrade my powers (left hand) with tornado which was like "the force" in that you wave your hand to shred anyone in your path. Or stop time and use your sword to off everyone. The sword play it self is also very good if you want to go head to head with the guards, but be prepared that when more guards show up, they will shoot even through other guards. If you chose to go stealth you can upgrade powers such as seeing though walls, possessing animals, or people to walk past or through tight places.

Some things i did not like as much was collecting Bone Charms. They all had different little powers but did not seem to do anything. Also i would have liked to see my character more, but with most Bethesda games, there are few cut scenes. My ending was dark. Game was short.

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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by VINCE47 (Terrell, TX) Nov 1, 2012

Member since Jan 2008

Got boring after a few evenings,, sent back to play again to finish,,, Sort of a BIOSHOCK/RAGE combo game,, very slow paced if you like exploring,, but hard to stay stealthy if you wanted to find all the goodies...ive got borderlands 2 now so i hope its good

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great game

posted by xnickx780 (ABILENE, TX) Nov 1, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

Its a great game definitely worth playing, but very glad I just rented it. I was able to beat the game in around 17 hours and, that's with finding all the charms and etc.

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