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GF Rating

Very Good

Now go home and get ya rune box!!!!

posted by illestSURF (BELFORD, NJ) Nov 11, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

The story of Dishonered is something you can read on your own. Basically, you got screwed over and its time to kick some butt and get your revenge. You go through missions choosing how you want to do things. Do you want to walk through the front door and shoot every one? Or would you rather find another way inside and keep quiet.... Would you want to kill your target in front of people? Or do you want to lead them elsewhere? ....

The game is really fun in terms of freedom (this is not an open world game, mission wise it is not linear). You also have special powers, that's right. And as you collect these things called "runes", you can get even MORE cooler special powers. Like controlling people, or summoning a group of rats to eat people alive (FREAKIN' AWESOME). However, just like anything Dishonered has its negatives. For example, the story line just isn't that intense. You will find yourself skipping through dialogue because you just don't care. And there are certain things in the game that make you say "Oh.. well that doesn't seem right" for example you have a freaking heart that you carry around with you to find runes. Who the heck came up with that idea?

All in all, its a game that reaches new heights and really will grasp you... UNTIL you put it down for a couple of days. I was out of power from hurricane sandy and didn't get to play, but when I put the game back in a couple of days later - I found it super difficult to even get back into the game. It JUST doesn't grip the player for long. But if you put aside that and the sillyness in some aspects, you're going to have one EPIC adventure.

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GF Rating


Over rated

posted by McPhaddie (OMAHA, NE) Nov 11, 2012

Member since Dec 2009

This was a game I was excited to get my hands on. It looked like it had a lot of promise. That's until I started playing. The graphics can shine, or just be pretty bland at best. It's as if they put effort into some areas but rushed through other parts (and it's noticeable). The game play is can be pretty slow at times and often, and it really doesn't require that much thinking. I would compare the play style to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but slower and less polished. I really found the characters to be bland and forgettable for the most part. Even a lot of the side quests just really seemed like they could have been left out. Pretty quickly the game becomes repetitive and simple. The same actions take to take down enemies quickly and easily becomes boring and I found I quickly got bored trying to chug through the game.
It's worth the rent if there's nothing better on your list. You may enjoy the stealth games more than I do.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Solid Game

posted by pvanzandt (GERMANTOWN, TN) Nov 10, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

Actually rented this without knowing much about it and didn't expect it to pretty much have a cartoonish look to the characters with big chests and hands. In terms of storyline, at one point it seems like the game is wrapping up without much of a twist or turn of some sort... and then there is one. Really still not that great of a storyline but it is satisfying in the end. The different powers you purchase with runes really help out, like seeing through walls, in order to sneak up on people. Really isn't much to do at all besides accomplish the main storyline and optional goals. All in all a solid game but glad I rented it because it's a one-off play-through for me. Doesn't have much replay value.

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