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Above Average

Not what I was hoping...

posted by Blanzygirl (SEARS, MI) Dec 1, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

I was hoping for more of the Oblivion or Skyrim feel to this game. I'm not a huge fan of first person games but I thought I'd give it a try. The graphics aren't as stellar as I'd hope a new game would be, and I guess I'm not a big fan of the time era in which this game takes place. It's frustrating even on easy and the lack of ammo to start is equally as frustrating.

I played it for about 3 hours and just couldn't stick with it.

Not trying to be a badger or go against the grain, but this game wasn't for me. I'm glad I tried it out before I decided to buy it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Another fun game by Bethesda

posted by Sknowman (Naperville, IL) Nov 27, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

Story (7/10)
The story of this game is decent. Parts of it are interesting, and it opens up fun ways to play the game. However, it is also kind of flat, and not super original.

Graphics (8.5/10)
The graphics reminds me of a mix of Bioshock and Borderlands. It looks pretty similar to both, but is still different. The game doesn't try to look super realistic, but that's not a bad thing.

Gameplay (9.5/10)
This game is pretty fun. There are so many methods to complete tasks, which definitely increases replayability. The weapons and the powers combine to create an overall interesting concept, and a game that is enjoyable.

Replayability (9/10)
I could easily play this game 3-4 times without being bored. The story may stay the same, and not change too much, but it's still fun to tweak your play style. Try being stealthy one playthrough, then a complete brute the next.

Overall (8.5/10)
I really enjoyed playing Dishonored. It was entertaining to try to approach problems differently each time. I would give it a 9 (which is what I actually rated it), but the story just doesn't cut it. If it was a little more compelling, this game would be near flawless.

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GF Rating


Dystopian Masterpiece

posted by E_B_Miley (LANCASTER, PA) Nov 27, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

First, I have to add the caveat that I typically HATE first person action games. I find the first person perspective to be incredibly disorienting and difficult to control. This becomes particularly problematic during sequences of intense action or where intricate stunts are required. I always feel like I have blinders strapped on that limit peripheral vision and create a confusing and claustrophobic game experience.
However I love steam-punk and dystopian story concepts and felt compelled to give Dishonored a try despite the first person POV.
I was not disappointed. Though the story starts out as a simple stereotypical quest-fest wherein some random NPC you just met starts barking orders at you which you dutifully jump to fulfill, the story eventually evolves into an intricate plot that carries you through a depressing and troubled - though hauntingly beautiful - realm afflicted with numerous plagues, both biological and political in nature.
Each mission is elegantly constructed and features numerous possible solutions. By numerous I do not mean that there are two or even three ways to complete your objectives - I mean there are at LEAST three, probably more, ways to approach each target. This represents what must have been a painstakingly intricate process for the game's developers. The payoff is a game unlike any other in terms of its potential for player ingenuity and personal style. Literally, it is staggering to consider how many different paths are available to you.
The interesting thing about Dishonored is that you can complete the entire game without killing anyone. It's difficult - especially if you try to beat the game while maintaining a flawless "ghost" achievement wherein you not only kill no one, but you perform zero non-lethal take-downs as well. One must make expert use of the available skills your character possess and be extremely patient - but this option of game play is a strategic mastermind's paradise. Political targets can be taken down w

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