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posted by info123 (MILLSTONE TOWNSHIP, NJ) Feb 14, 2013

Member since May 2011

That's the only word to explaine it amazing.

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could have been better

posted by benspore (CHICAGO, IL) Feb 13, 2013

Member since Jun 2012

this game is great really the stealth really makes you feel like a nija. But its doesnt make much sense trying to go undetected to get the "good ending". or not to kill anyone to get that same ending but worst of all the game gets really boring towards the end. The last few levels show the result of your choices but they sort of just appear out of no where and can berak character consistency. A perfect example is emily one minute shes a happy girl the next shes a evil witch who doesnt care about anyone but herself. this change happens between 1 mission. how ever most of the characters are fun to talk to that brings me to my next point the game is far to many things for its own good. Its a stealth action interring rpg that has morality choices. its far to much to have any real strong point and ultimate falls flat of my hopes for this game. at best its a 8 out of 10 but its only a 7 over all.

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Very Good


posted by AflyingChicken (FORT MILL, SC) Feb 13, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

If your expecting this to be like Skyrim because its made by Bethesda its definitely not. The graphics are awesome and different. This is definitely not an open world game like Batman or Assassin's Creed. More just a button masher with many options to kill someone. The game is more about stealth and you can actually play the game without killing anyone. I probably started to like this game after about the second mission. Spend sometime getting use to the controls and it will make all the difference in the game play. There are a total of 9 mission and you probably can complete the game in about 9 hrs if you just hack and slash. While the graphics are different and stunning. The real fun is coming up with innovative ways to kill someone. You can use rats, knives, guns, arrows, and combined powers for multiple ways to take someone out. You can spend a lot of time finding power ups but there all not necessary. The replay value is not high. there are only two endings. Low Chaos ending (going through the game stealth mode and hardly not killing anyone) High Chaos mode (killing everyone) are the two types paths you can choose and have a different ending. I suggest the hack and slash method, its way more fun. Overall a good game to rent, but don't buy it. Also the only tip I will give is to Kill Sam at the ending. I did without hesitation. I burnt him to a crisp and now he sleeps with the fishes. He deserves it. Have fun!

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