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The Nippon Ichi Franchise Continues with Disgaea!

posted by entenkatsu (DENVER, CO) Jan 25, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

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The second major game from NIS to hit the shelves and online game sites' stores, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness was even better than La Pucelle, in my opinion. Introducing a game where you play as the nefarious anti-hero Laharl, his vassal Etna, and the Angel Trainee Flonne, who battle against a trio of Earth Defenders, other demons, and ultimately, other angels, you wonder what it could hold in store. Let us find out, shall we?

Disgaea is perhaps the least serious in overall plot of the NIS games. Though it does have its dark moments, the game itself is silly and has many innuendoes (most of which are sexual). Even so, the music is great, and contains a battle system that remains unique in some aspects until its sequel came out.

Battle difficulty was far more rounded and fair than La Pucelle Tactics, but still had some difficult fights. The Geo Panal system introduces field effects, a feature similar to the Dark Portals in La Pucelle. Geo Clearing is also reminiscent of Miracles, so the two games are not completely different. With many classes to choose from, a huge variety of techniques, and endless combinations, this game is perfect for any hardcore completionist.

Overall, Disgaea earns a 9.3 on my list. It has superior gameplay to La Pucelle, though lacks the intense difficulty. Plus, its humor is sure to make at least some of us laugh.

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Disgaea Hour of Darkness

posted by 13bubster (HAZEL GREEN, AL) May 27, 2011

Member since May 2011

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Disgaea Hour of Darkness is a strategy RPG for the PS2. There are good and bad aspects and I will tell the ones that stand out.

Story - You play as Laharl. Prince of the Netherworld who was "rudely" awakened by his "loyal" vassal, Etna. He discovered that during his 2 year sleep his father died. Now demons from all across the Netherworld are fighting for the throne since Laharl seems to be no threat. From there you meet Angel trainee Flonne, who was assigned the task of assassinating Laharl's father. After she discovers that he is already dead, she decides to make her objective to find outthe demons' true intentions and to see if they are capable of love. The story and characters are quirky and unique, which is typical of NIS and Atlus so it is expected that is setting is very odd. (9)

Gameplay - The game is a srategy RPG so instead of exploring dungeons you battle on grid based maps in different areas. The game is of course turn based so each character will get a chance of performing an action if the repuirements are met. There are a multitudofjob classes to acquire and master and in the end it becomes a stat horder. At certain points grinding is neccesary and it requires a lot which bothered me that I had to stop progression to grind for hours and hours so my characters would survive. Also some battles do not give experience at the end which frustrated me deeply. Healing your characters after battles costs money but you get prizes for it and the shop inventory and prices requires you to give up tou items to bribe the senate sometimes which is a waste. Although the concept is original at some points its frustrating when you have to give up your iems just so you can get new weapons and armor. The Item world is unique as well and is agreat sidequest for major grinders. (6)

Presentation - The game presents itself very well with an orchestrated and quirky soudtrack. The game at times will look like a PS1 game but the art is wonderful. (8)

Overall I give it a 7.3

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posted by rpgman (HILLSBORO, OR) Apr 21, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

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Like I said--- Best Game Ever. I currently have over 300 hours on this and I still haven't completely beaten it. The depth of character leveling and multitude of menus might seem scary for the average gamer, to to a die hard RPG fan, this is heaven.
At first glance Disgaea might seem like any other RPG. Some great features unique to Disgaea include transmigration. When you reach level 9999 (That's right- 9999), you can transmigrate back to level one with a certain percentage of your skills and vastly improved base stats. You can do this even before 9999 to- the benefit just isn't as dramatic. And the best part is, you can do this with any character- not just your main one.
Next is new game+. When the main story is completed, you are given the option to start over with all of your characters the same.
So what's the point? I already beat the story. Now I'll just own all of my enemies. Wrong. The dark assembly allows you to open portals to other worlds, meaning the story is almost doubled. Like I said, I still haven't beaten the final final boss, or even the person before him/her!
Add this to one of the best stories I've ever seen (with multiple endings too), and you've got a recipe for a game that will not only keep you occupied but entertained for months to come.

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