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Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice


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A Disgaea Buffet of Massive Porportions

posted by Memento (REDMOND, OR) Sep 5, 2008

Member since Oct 2006

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First I must proficient this review with one major statement, this review isn't under the mindset of how will this game relate to Joe Public, this is a review for those interested in the genre/fans of the series.

That being said, this game is epic, not a Mass Effect kind of epic, but a wow I just spent 5 hours playing this game and I've barely scratched the surface of the game. This games scale in terms of possible hours of gameplay is frightening. Beyond the staggering 9999 lvl cap, there are levels a plenty to delve into. The story is about 40 hours long, but beyond the story is a vast world of extra gameplay, including item world, a world existing inside any and every item consisting of 100 stages! That's right 100 stages in EVERY item in the game, and let me tell you there are tons of items. Now certainly to explore every item is pointless, however allowing to explore whichever items you want to an insane degree allows for a DEEP sense of customization, as the deeper you go the more an item gets powered up.

This game also holds no punches, one of the best things about Disgaea is their lack of fear to give you ridiculously good equipment at any stage of the game. Some may fear that this will ruin the balance of the game, but guess what? The game allows you to continuously raise or lower the lvl of enemies you fight, so if you grind away overleveling characters, you are one homeroom bill away from rebalancing your experience if you wish.

Beyond that Disgaea provides the great over the top looking skill/magic animations, hundreds of classes, challenging strategy/puzzle elements to their maps, and a quirky offbeat story.

But wait! I can't be nothing but complementary about this game because it does have a serious flaw. That's its graphics, and no I'm not bashing it for being 2D, SJRPG's aren't built for graphics junkies, however the 2D sprites aren't even HD. A serious but not game ruining flaw.

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Hilarious Story Line and Great Tactics Play

posted by comfortmd (SYRACUSE, NY) May 12, 2009

Member since May 2009

9 out of 10 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

I bought this game when it first came out. the style of the game is not geared toward polygon heavy terribly rendered characters.

the game is sprite based. this means at some point an A R T I S T drew all of the characters, and the tactics battles do remind me of final fantasy tactics.

it has a retro look/feel. after the main sequence is done, 8 chapters worth, you then make up the story you want. downloadable content is available for expanding your "class" and opening up new adventure arcs.

obtaining premium weapons is a little difficult, so if you have the patience level of a gnat don't play this game.

it is enormously fun to smite troubling enemies. i recommend keeping at least one of your characters at a higher level than the others. then he/she/it(?) can shepherd some of the others if needed. there is unlimited game play.

online play through world item attack mode. this was recently added through the PSN online store.

the long and the short of it all is... if i feel like being an evil overlord, laughing at some of the crazy situations and plot lines of the game, and don't want to feel stressed out trying to micromanage 5000 aspects of my battle strategy, then this game is for you.

if you want the plain jane rendered everything, where everything looks unsatisfyingly the same, and have no sense of humor, then by all means, don't play this game.

i had fun

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Very Good

Good ol schoo RPG

posted by Seviont (HOUSTON, TX) Jan 3, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

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This game is pretty good as far as RPG's go. Sticks to the basics and the dialogue for the game is pretty funny. One thing I have to say that is really good about the game is how easy it is to level up your characters. I mean it was so easy to create a new character and in less then 1/2 a hour or so I could bring him up to level 25.Rented the game but I might just end up buying.

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