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Addicting :D

posted by cloudclone (CUT OFF, LA) Apr 14, 2009

Member since Jun 2006

4 out of 4 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This game is great even though it doesn't have the greatest of graphics, but if it had the fancy high definition graphics people want then there probably wouldn't be so much to do in the game.(like the diez gentlemen side quest, getting main characters from other characters, item/class world, and Land of carnage)
The game play is addicting and fun, if you played Final Fantasy Tactics ,Fire Emblem(?), or any Nipon Ichi game and liked it you'll like (or love) this game.
The Story could be longer(8 chapters? really) but once you beat the game there is still so much to do and will leave you playing for hours.
The voice actors are very familiar (to me at least) with the voice actors from popular translated animes.
The music is okay at first but after awhile it gets annoying, unless you only play in item world then you can buy songs and make a playlist of them to play in it.
The main story line is great and humorous(unless you don't have a sense of humor, but that's just your loss) but the story line is mostly about Mao(main character) wanting to defeat his dad, the overlord of the games netherworld, for destroying a game that Mao spent a years playing.
I give the graphics 10/10-for being just like other nippon ichi games
sound 8/10- love the voice actors but the music got annoying :(
gameplay 10/10- just what i expected and happy that you could speed almost everything up
difficulty 11/10-super hard to beat enemies after beating the games (guess its cuz i don't know how to grind levels good xD)
Overall 10/10

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why the hate?

posted by Naraxis (MEDFORD, WI) Dec 28, 2009

Member since Sep 2007

13 out of 14 gamers (93%) found this review helpful

people are bashing the heck out of this game, one person said it was awful because of the graphics, not even thinking about the story at all, another said that the dialogue between battles were DRAWINGS talking at each other. well that is true...but its not a bad thing, that is the type of game this was meant to be, a cartoonish game made in japan. the graphics arent amazing because as i said its a cartoon, it was made to be a cartoon, and it always will be a cartoon. This game is so loveable, if u think u absolutely cannot play it give it 10 hours, then the characters backgrounds and personalities will sink into you and you will realize you were quite dumb to even think about hating this game. And the combat, to those of you who didnt like it, if you dont like TBS games you wont like this, it ISN'T an RPG like someone else said its a TURN BASED STRATEGY and if you think the graphics are bad, which they aren't, progress a red mage to where he/she can have giga fire, you'll see.......

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can last 500+ hours easy.

posted by Lloyd4542 (RUMFORD, ME) Sep 6, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

23 out of 26 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

if you've played the first two, then you'll enjoy this game very much. You'll be thrown into a world of demons and penguins (well, they're prinnies, but you'll see if you play the game) without much of explanation of what's going on. You do get a nice tut once you get on the battle map for newcomers.
The battle system is that of it's older versions; tile based movements, number crunching stats and great strategy. every character, weather the character is a human using an axe, a monster with a gun for an arm, or a story based character using a bow, you'll feel like you've got literally millions of ways to build your army. Humans get one of the 7 weapons: Swords, spears, axes, guns, bows, fists and staves, while monsters get monster weapons (those are broken into magic style and melee style). Every kill you get on the battle field results in two ways: 1st You gain EXP, but that was a given. 2nd you gain mana which is kind of like power in this game. you use it to make more characters, suggest new bills (like better equipment to buy or stronger enemies) that can benefit your team in a major way.
The storyline is solid, but personally, if you haven't played the games yet, try to get a hold of the first one because it has the funniest storyline, and a lot of unexpected twists. Don't shy away from this game though, because it's great. The random generated dungeons are back! Yay item world! That place is where you get to power up your items from good to great, great to awesome and awesome to I win.

New stuff: Geo BLOCKS, the same as geo symbols, but you can stand on them for they're effects if they are off a colored space. Maps sometimes will be littered with colors and the geo blocks will fill that color with things like heal 20%, att +50%, or def -50%. So they are a double edged sword. Magichange: A monster becomes a weapon for a few turns. The monster's abilities dictate how strong the weapon is.
Not enough space for the other stuff, but rent, if you like buy it.

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