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Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs


Unlock her stage after clearing 30 Dark Sun Stages and obtaining Champloo.

Sabre Kitties

Unlocked after clearing Akutare Mode 1-2


Unlock ES5 with 20 hours of Game time, 400 mana and in Episode 1-9 and beat his stage. On the next playthrough, get the stage again and pass his bill.


Unlock ES11 with 10 Dark Sun Maps cleared and 3000 mana. Clear the map and pass his bill afterwards.


Complete Axel mode, then start a new game in Adell mode.

Land of Carnage

Collect all 16 treasure maps from the pirates in Item World to unlock the Land of Carnage.


After obtaining Flonne, pass Flonne's bill as a Senator and beat ES9.


Unlock his stage after obtaining Champloo and Raspberyl


Unlock ES7 with 99 Felones, 1500 mana and at any time and defeat her. After, pass her bill.

Mass Produced Kurtis

Beat Extra Stage 4 and you will be able to create them.

Mr Champloo

Unlock his stage with 50 hours game time and Akutare mode clear


Unlock ES6 with 66 Felonies, 100 mana and during Episode 1-9 and defeat her. After, pass her bill.

Asagi (Humanoid)

Raise Asagi's level to 2000 and pass her bill as a senator.

Celestial Host

Clear Akutare mode 3-3 and they will be available to create.

Disgaea Ronin

Have a Disgaea 1 save file. (Regions must match.)

Entei Monster Class

Beat Akutare Mode 2-3 and they will be available to create.


Unlock ES8 with 40 hours game time and during Episodes 12-13. Defeat her and she'll join.


Unlock Extra Stage 4, and pass his bill after completing it.

Heavy Knight

Reach level 3 spear mastery with any character.

Magic Knight

Reach level 3 sword and staff mastery with any character.

Male Ninja

Reach level 5 sword and fist mastery with any character.


Reach level 5 sword mastery with any character.


Make anyone in your party become a criminal.


Unlock her map with 33 Felonies, 100 mana, and at any time after the first playthrough, defeat her and pass her bill as a Senator.


Reach level 5 bow mastery with any character.

Beast Tamer

Capture a monster.

Chaos Soldier

Finish the game once.


Get a 500+ Geo Combo.

Female Ninja

Reach level 5 fist and staff mastery with any character.


Reach level 5 gun mastery with any character.

Bad Ending

Have Adell get 10+ felonies, 50+ ally kills, and finish the game.

Etna Ending

Defeat Etna in Chapter 3 to unlock her ending.

Laharl Ending

Defeat Laharl in Chapter 11 to get his ending.

Middle Boss Ending

Defeat Mid-Boss before you finish Chapter 4 to get his ending.

Tink Ending

Defeat the final boss with a level 1000 Tink.

Worst Ending

Have Adell get 99+ felonies, 99+ ally kills, and get an ally kill on Rozalin to unlock the worst ending.

Axel Ending

You'll get this ending if you're defeated by Axel.