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Very Good

It's Disgaea, again...but, is that so bad?

posted by Urganite (AKRON, OH) Sep 29, 2006

Member since Sep 2004

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While I gave this game an 8 rating, if I had to rate the game in terms of originality of content, I might end up giving this a 4 or 5, because the game is essentially Disgaea with new graphics (and some old graphics). This game might deserve an even higher rating however, as it's yet another example of what tactics RPG's can be, but generally aren't. It only earned the lower rank due to its lack of more unique gameplay elements compared to the first Disgaea.

As with other Nippon Ichi games, the graphical style is the same, and high enough quality to be appreciated, though the same sprites have been recycled into this latest NIS game as have been used in Disgaea/Makai Kingdom. The dev time seems to have been very short as the first Disgaea's engine was also reused, and the reuse of these elements seems to have given NIS more time to dedicate to splash art inclusions at various points in the game, though I have to wonder if they weren't just trying to rake in more money from the current Playstation hardware iteration before it becomes outdated. The translation seems to be off again; NIS games in English seem to be rewritten quirkier than they actually are in Japanese, and I am not sure why this is. Thankfully, the Japanese soundtrack is again included as an option in the game.

The storyline is decent though lacks cohesion, occasionally reaching out toward the nonsensical as far as character behavior, similar really to a low budget manga. The music is not poor, but like other NIS games, could be much better, if they didn't use the same composer for every game. Graphically, the game is Disgaea, meaning it's 2D and sprite driven. Though the sprites are very good viewed from that perspective, they are the exact same sprites...not much of the sprite work is new. Though I can't claim to have finished the game yet, I don't expect to be seeing many new character classes. As far as gameplay, Disgaea 2 still delivers the same tactics type game experience as its predecessor.

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The best turn-based strategy RPG out-to-date

posted by Insanity (Perry, FL) Dec 6, 2006

Member since Oct 2005

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Now what makes this game awesome?

Absolutely everything in it. My first thought of this since it is a RPG is "what is the level cap?". Well be satified because the level cap is at least 1000. Now for the rest of it, I will start with how you unlock things. There is a Court system in it which you use mana to make characters or propose bills. Bills help you unlock stuff in the game such as new character classes or just messing around with the game. Now with messing around with the game you can make more or less costing items, stronger or weaker enemies, or just set rules for the next stage you go to. I have mentioned getting classes by bills which you unlock the bill for by completing a certain task. With this system said and done the battle system is intuitive and can keep you engaged in it. Now with battles all you do is kill the monster so it would seem to get boring right? Wrong, since you can set the difficulty of the monster by bills you can have enemies twice your level fighting you at the begining and they have a mode called item world. where in which is a set of rendom battles you use to level up your item's strength. Also, when you create chaaracters you can reincarnate them at level one with increased stats, so even if you do reach the level cap (whatever it may be) you can always make you characters even stronger!! Overall for RPG and Strategy fans why don't you already have this on your Game-Q? For average gamers this is definetly worth trying

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Best one yet!!

posted by moldymilk (Elgin, TX) May 15, 2007

Member since Mar 2006

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Best strategy RPG out there. SIMPLE. If you liked the first one you'll love this one. It improves on all aspects of the first one. MORE characters, better/smoother graphics, and more humor. great game, I suggest you buy it

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