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Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories


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Disgaea Collector Says...

posted by HardCritic (CAMANO ISLAND, WA) Jan 16, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

I have all the series games for most of the systems and it still holds mildly true to the game play. If you liked the other games like this then you should like this one with one exception. The thieving ability now cost you items and no longer is a true skill.

If you never played this sort of TB-RPG-STRAT, then you may like this game also. The concept is an OLD one by far, as I have MANY other games simulated like this one.

Graphics: Not bad. Combat misses, skills/mage effects should have been revamped a little. Skills missed should not show your character rag dolling all over the place anyway.

Game Play: Like I said above

Story: Semi adult-ish…Funny at times.

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Above Average

Is it worth your bucks?

posted by FFCyborg (BETHESDA, MD) Jun 8, 2007

Member since May 2007

The PS2 is a vast land of RPGs .Disgaea was the start of a trend of qwerky and humorous style to roleplaying on the PS2. While many try to seem like Disgaea, Nippon Ichi mastered the tried and true formula, making it FF Tactics meets sitcom. After quite a few years, Nippon Ichi is back with a sequel, Disgaea 2, and it doesn't seem like its the newest of them all. Are story starts off in Netherworld that has just been taken over by Lord Zenon, and everyone has been turned to monsters. Adell, the last human in the world, and his family try to summon Zenon, but end up with his daughter, Rozalin, and Adell is off on a quest to kill Zenon. The story has a few twist and turns, but its a bit to linear to its predecessor. Just like the voice acting in the original, it is spot on. Just MGS and GTA, they didn't just hire people with accent off the street, which many games fail to do.On to gameplay, which is a bit of a flavor you've had to many times already. unlike the original, the learning curve is less steep, probably because of Atlus stepping down from this one. But the combat system is absolutely the same, sharing its pros and cons. Its good, and fun, but to be a sequel to a game that defined this idea of gameplay, they could of (and definetly should of) done more with the game. In the end, Disgaea 2 is not a bad game at all, but in all ends, it seems like the same game with a new story slapped on. those who played the original will (and should) definitely try it out, but if you were expecting a whole new game, get ready for disappointment.

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Very Good

interesting game..

posted by dulun21 (CHANDLER, AZ) May 27, 2008

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Member since Aug 2007

ideal for SRPG gamers.. it's easily last for more than 50 hrs+. it's old 2D style graphic though.. if you don't like SRPG and 2D graphic.. then maybe this is not for you..

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