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Above Average

Decent low budget title.

posted by TheQbGully (MIAMI SPRINGS, FL) Aug 16, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

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Disaster Report is a low budget title, with a very intriguing story. You begin after a massive earthquake strikes Capitol City. You awake in the ruins of a subway train you were a passenger on. You find the city in ruins. As you escape the wreckage, find survivors, create tools for your very own survival, and learn the secrets of Capitol City, you also uncover the truth behind the disaster. Stretching deep into a government conspiracy.

The graphics are mediocre at best for the PS2. But they shouldn't pose a problem. However, if you like games for their eye candy, stay away from this. 5/10

The controls are a bit clumsy. Especially the camera controls. You have to manually manipulate the camera at times, and it just moves so slow, and so clumsy, it can be a bit of a hassle at times. Especially when jumping, or catwalking. 7/10

The sounds are nothing spectacular. Just your average sound effects, regular menu sounds, and music. The voice acting is fairly decent as well.

The game play is interesting. You get to pick up different gear for your character. From clothing, all the way to custom compasses for your HUD. You also pick up various items which you can combine to make weapons, or tools essential to your survival. One downfall however, you character has a stamina gage. Which depletes slowly. Once it's empty, your character will begin to lose HP, and die. There are various water fountains around which you can use as save points, and also as drinking water to replenish your stamina. However, the gage depletes rather too quickly. Meaning you will find yourself making many stops for water throughout the game. It becomes annoying at times. But you pick up bottles which you can fill up with water as a reserve. 7/10

Overall, this is a decent low budget title. It has its flaws, but the story is very interesting, and makes playing through the game fun. Not much replay ability. No multiplay either. 6/10

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In a word - plodding

posted by Hexpane (Daly City, CA) May 18, 2007

Member since Jan 2004

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The speed of this game makes the Silent Hill series seem like Sonic the Hedgehog.

Essentially this is a Japanese take on old PC "adventure games" or even more modern games like Dreamfall. If you enjoy solving environmental puzzles to advance a story, you will be right at home.

The game starts off promising w/ a nice cinematic, albeit budget looking, intro giving you the tease that this is a big city teaming with life.

Unfortunately the game doesn't live up to that promise of tons of cars racing over the bridge and people screaming etc... Instead you get a mostly empty world that feels like 20 years later instead of just after the earthquake.

For those looking for a slower paced game that is something different it is worth a look. Manager your expectations and you will be somewhat satisfied.

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I did not really like this game

posted by loploppop (SUNDERLAND, MA) Aug 21, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

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I did not like this game because i think it was a little sexist for example there was a part where the lady was like "Oh the rope was to heavy and it so long for me to bring it over here."

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